Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A little something

Decided it was about time I shared the love with all 14 of you!! As you know I am a frugal blogger so this is not the most exciting freebie in the history of blogging.
blog pics-1

That said it is a collection, well 3, things that I have been using lately that I am really liking. First off there is the Boots No 7 eye shadow brush, I love this brush and its arrival in my make up bag has coincided with me re-discovering eye shadow, which is timely! Its lovely and soft and great for blending.
blog pics-2

Not much use having an eye shadow brush without an eye shadow and although I haven't tried Boots No 7 Truffle I have seen it rated on other blogs so I popped one of those in too.
blog pics-3

And finally Boots No 7 Stay Perfect nail varnish in Totally Teal. I absolutely love this polish, its a nice dark green based teal with a shed load of gloss to it that wears really well. The Stay Perfect polishes are a whole other kettle of fish compared to the Quick Dry one's which I think are pants.

So yes its a No 7 freebie and yes it coincides with the latest run of Boots No 7 £5 off vouchers. I'm a frugal blogger, what can I say. Of course I will die of embarrassment and delete this post quick smart if no one enters to win it! Hope someone is interested! No big hassle, you just need to be a follower of this blog and leave me a comment, be as random as you like, and your email address too. Might as well enter - lets face it you currently have a 1:14 chance of winning!!


  1. Oooh please enter me!! I have been reading your blog via RSS feed and I wasn't listed as a Google follower so you may have more readers than you think lol..!! I am now following you via Google as well! nicolamcc82@googlemail.com

  2. Hi Nic, thank goodness someone entered!

  3. I love No7 vouchers, hehe! I would definitely love to enter as all three are fab looking, I've been after one of the brushes for a very long time but sadly my local Boots doesn't stock it :(

    liss07 at gmail dot com

  4. You can count me in....No7 is strangly one of my favourite brands! Not really what you'd expect a 22yr old to love.
    But the products are just great quality espec all there makeup brushes and eye mousses!

    Truly think you need more readers!

    Fee xx

  5. Small town gala and makeup Savvy, entrants 2 and 3 respectively!! Bloody hell at this rate I should just go out and buy 2 more sets and post them to you all just for being nice enough to comment!!


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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