Thursday, 21 February 2013

Dead in the water

Not me, I'm happy to say, but my blogging mojo. It is currently swimming up to a pool bar in a hotel in the Caribbean to order another Long Island Iced Tea, would send a post card but it cba and is hoping it never has to come home.

I have started a new project which I am calling "operation look like Nigella" Well, I was til she wore that God awful Preen dress, I was more after Nigella poured into Vivienne Westwood or her current fave Wiggle dress than something that would look better on a bonfire.  

I'd quite like my "curves" to be top and bottom and separated by a "waist" again.  To be honest am having a massive mid-life crisis about my ever increasing age, Queen Canute?, and I can't bear the thought of being old AND fat.  So I am working on the fat bit and hoping I can hide the old with an extra slick of concealer, a bloody good bra and regular trips to the hairdresser.  My one real concern is that 10 years ago I thought I looked like ten types of crap, now I wouldn't care how I looked, I'd just like to be ten years younger.  Reality is that in another ten I am going to wish I was me today, when the me of today is striving hard to be the me of yesterday.  See now why I drink, you try keeping all that in order.

So blogging is taking a back seat for the time being.  I'm sure I'll be back and I hope when I am there will be less of me, but I've been here before so who knows?!


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