Monday, 31 May 2010

NOTD 5 - Barry M Cyan Blue

A post without photo's is like, well loads of stuff really; toast without butter, Coke without ice, Bank holiday without sunshine, you know what I mean - I have worked all day, one of the joys of being freelance is that I can work today and then take a day off later in the week when the sun is shining.

So here it is, Barry M Cyan Blue, it's another keeper, although if I am honest it is giving me the boiled beef fingers of terror. But right now I love it enough that I am prepared to over look that! It is a really bright blue and the finish on this is one of the best I have had with a Barry M - opaque in 2 coats and very smooth. I did a 3rd hasty coat for the photos and the brush marks you can see are from rushing, no top coat.
As you can see I have had a bit of a "self destruct" moment - when I have more than 2 glasses of wine for some reason I go into self destruct mode and decide that biting my nails isn't a vile habit that makes me cry but actually a lovely way to spend an evening. Luckily I caught myself just in time and dashed off to grab my glass file and sort them out before I could make it any worse. Still woke up in a cold sweat the next morning to check the damage in the cold light of day. I am convinced that there are no ex-nail biters, we just aren't biting them at the moment.

Isn't it lovely - this is taken outside on the greyest of bank holidays.

My mum sent me a pressie this weekend, she and my sister have been using Sally Hanson natural shine which is chock full of vitamins and minerals. Mum has very similar nails to me, or actually I have very similar nails to her - its genetic and she had them first! They flake and peel and we both suffer from a complete inability to not make a flake worse, even though we know how awful we are going to feel when we have done it. She is taking Perfectil and reckons they have really helped her nails but also thinks using Natural Shine has done its bit in terms of keeping the nail itself nourished and thought I might like to try it, hugs mum! I put 2 coats of this on, under my base coat and as I said this is the best Barry M application I have had so maybe it helped? You are supposed to use the nail shine on clean nails without polish but I just cant do the no polish thing so hoping that sealing all those nourishing things on my nail with nail varnish will make it work even better!
I am still massaging in lashings of olive oil too to see if that helps, it seems to be helping my cuticles so lets hope that in 3 months I will have nice strong nails - what seems even more unfair is that I don't even want long nails, just nice non-flaking, all the same length short healthy nails - not too much to ask is it?

Idea for a future post from Fran, cheers hen!, what would be your "Desert Island essential". If you were going to be ship wrecked which one beauty product would you be glad you had stashed in your bikini?
Email me your absolute, can't live without, must have essential!

TWIHMBL - First ever POS awards!

Gad, sorry its been ages! Loads going on here and I we have "tightened our belts" as husband is fond of saying so beauty splurging has become a thing of the past - might have to change the name of this blog to frugalista beauty! Did splurge a whole £2.95 on a Barry M Cyan Blue nail varnish on Saturday and had it not been grey and flaming miserable since would have had some pics of that, might do a couple anyway and use the magic of Lightroom to make them bright and lovely! That said the £2.95 spend was shortly before the £50 Toni and Guy hair cut, but that's not a splurge that is an essential, as husband is not so fond of hearing! That said think my hairdresser was not really in the mood this time, the cut is good it just lacks that certain something that it gets when he is buzzing, and I think I do mean "buzzing" quite literally!! No photos of that as hair comes with face and frankly no one needs to see that!

OK onto the POS awards. Leanne nominated L'Oreal Perfect Clean foaming gel wash,
but not the "scrublet" that comes with it, on the basis that it is very drying.

Fran nominated waxing strips, any and all. On the basis that they hurt like a bitch without actually achieving anything - all the hairs are still there it's just the skin you have just ripped off that's missing!

Emily nominated L'Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning gel, tinted and shimmering because it burnt her skin. Quite literally red, sore burnt skin, like sun burn but without the pleasure of laying under a swaying palm sipping a cold drink to get it.

I nominated the Philips Lady Shave, in a fit of pique to be fair! I had bought one for £15 from Boots, used it once with satisfactory results and then when I used it again for a tidy up it didn't do anything, so I assumed that maybe the re-growth was still too short. Left it and tried again and again, in the end I looked like a yeti and this particular pos was refusing to do anything. I have since taken it back to Boots and exchanged it, so far so good so will keep you posted!

Well, for my money the winner is - everything. Anything that we spend our hard earned on that doesn't live up to expectations deserves this very special honour! If you buy anything beauty related that stinks please let me know and I'll pass it on.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

TRESemme - Hair dryer

Not for one minute do I believe all that "TRESemme - used in salons" bs. If it was we would all have seen it, right? And have we, no. Ergo, bs. Thank you. Buuut, I was in Asda looking for a hairdryer as my current one has started making that high pitched screech which indicates that its demise in a massive fireball in my bedroom is imminent. There was a Nicky Clarke one and a Toni and Guy one, both at around £30 and with 2000w motors and a TRESemme one with a 2150 watt motor and "4 x more ionic" which of course as we all know is vital in a hair dryer, my god would anyone buy one that was only "3 x more ionic"? I sincerely hope not, can you imagine such a world? No, I have no clue what "4 x more ionic" means either, more ionic than what? Presumably its a lack of ionics (ions?? trying to dredge up some of Tom's GCSE chemistry, or should that be physics?) that makes your hair frizzy, as anything ionic is supposed to reduce frizz although I suspect that all this ionic shizzle could be coming from the same place as that massive L'Oreal discovery "boswellocks" or whatever it was, by my reckoning about three letters in excess of the truth.

Love the artists impression of ions shooting out of it!!

To be fair its a good one and well worth £15!! It's not too heavy and is very powerful, I tend to "blow dry" old laydee stylee, Em blasts the hell out of hers just to get it dry and then does the whole lot with the straighteners and she can now get her hair completely dry in 6 mins, which is good considering just how massive her hair is. She has commented on how much less frizzy her hair is blasted with the new dryer compared to the old so those ions are doing their thang too I am happy to report, would recommend this dryer next time you are in the market for one!

Actually I am going to have a bit of a rant now. Recommend Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder, or maybe a bit of cjane from the list above if the last thing you need right now is me ranting. Adverts for mascara that carry the words "styled with lash inserts" or whatever it is they say. Why the hell don't they just advertise the mascara saying "if you wear false eye lashes and use this product your eye lashes will look like this, if you dont they will look like normal lashes with some black stuff on them, get over it" Or shampoo that gives you fantastic hair advertised by Cheryl Cole whilst she has a whole second head of hair sewn into her own, it would be like Fern Britton advertising magic slimming knickers and then showing them on Fearne Cotton, very similar but frankly not the same thing. I think what I am objecting to is that adverts aren't even pretending any more, stuff doesn't deliver so they use inserts and digital alteration to suggest how good the product could be, if only it worked! Sorry rant over. Forecast for most of the UK looking fab for the weekend so enjoy!

Monday, 17 May 2010

NOTD 4 - Nails Inc St Johns Wood

Oh is there ever a story behind this one. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin. Manchester March 2010 and I was on a mission - Nails Inc Jermyn Street or die trying. That may sound a little over dramatic, if you had been there you would know, it isn't! Hauled sister and daugher straight into Debenhams and to the Nails Inc counter, Jermyn Street was £10 on its own or for £18 I could have the "Griege" collection: Jermyn Street, The Thames (grey), Taxi (black) and a white/pale cream - cant remember the name. Well they say a fool and her money are easily parted and I am no exception. Was beyond delighted and over lunch shared out the spoils, hey, I am nothing if not generous - Em got the black and Ness got the pale cream and I had Jermyn Street, that lush Chanel Particulere (sp?) dupe and The Thames a fab grey cream. Was ecstatic til I came to use them, the brush on Jermyn street was straggly and un-even, the polish was thick and gloopy and I was peed off. Thames was worse, more straggles and at one point I dipped the brush into the bottle and it came out with a really long hair/fibre wrapped around the brush, yeuakk. The only other experience of Nails Inc polish that I had had was a freebie on the front of a mag and it too was super gloopy and nothing to write home about.

So in the interest of finding out how the hell Nails Inc could justify £10 something for a bottle of their polish I emailed customer services to ask if the polishes in the collections were of the same quality as the individual bottles. Got back the reply that they were and that I must have had a duff set and that they would be happy to replace the collection. I was pretty pleased and very impressed and waited for my new collection to arrive. And waited. And waited. You can probably see where I am going with this!!

After 2 months I emailed them again and said that whilst the offer of a new collection had been a lovely gesture, that was all it was - a gesture. Finally got a reply saying that the original contact had left but they would now send me a bottle of Jermyn Street. Of all the cheek! Wait 2 months and then instead of the original offer of a new collection get offered a single new bottle instead, I think not. They did then offer the Griege collection again but I am a bit over all that grey and beige so asked them if it would be possible to have a single bottle of St Johns Wood instead.

On Saturday this arrived.
How fab is that? Frankly had it been empty I would almost have been happy to have had the jiffy bag. ALMOST.

Inside the jiffy bag, was a Nails Inc black box and inside that, wrapped in black tissue was this
St Johns Wood - I am going to describe it as lavender cream, isn't it be-you-ti-ful? Actually in this photo its looking a bit darker than it truly is.

Just to give you a comparison here it is next to Purplicious - much more accurate on the colour.

Yesterday afternoon I finally had chance to get some on my nails. I am here to tell you that Nails Inc polish rocks. Seriously after having used 3 bottles and been pretty not impressed with the brushes and the formula this one has made me totally change my mind. The polish is very smooth and incredibly opaque, you could almost get away with one coat, but that just doesnt feel right so it got 2, did have some slight streaking caused by the brush, the polish is still fairly thick but it does go on like a dream.

This is 2 coats with Boots Expert strengthening base and top. Bit of tip wear and a whopper of a chip as I didn't get round to photo'ing this til this pm and I had done 3 hours house work and a spinning class by then!

You may have noticed my rather plump and luscious cuticles. Of course you did. This is due to this wonder product

It is amazing and makes my hands feel so moisturised without being greasy it is chock full of shea butter and smells like heaven. It was a b'day pressie from Rachel who is a bit of an Elemis fan and wanted to share the joy! Lucky me. She also got me a tube of their pre-tanning cream which I am going to use in the 2 week run up to my holiday in Corfu and if I tan, rather than doing that glow in the dark white, bright red lobster and back to glow in the dark all in the space of a day thing that I usually do I will be a convert for life! Cant wait to try it and of course will let you know how I get on!

NOTD 3 - GOSH Rainbow over purplicious

Shopping trip to Leeds was fab and although I didn't get the Essie blue polish I wanted I did pick up a bottle of GOSH Rainbow - a flaky, rather than glitter, top coat! I had seen it swatched on top of black polish and it looks very cool so was dying to try it, so much so that I whacked on a couple of coats as soon as I got home!
I have ramped up the saturation in this pic so that you can see the colours of Rainbow at their best, its not this craaazy in real life!

It's more like this...
ooh and did you spot that little Nails Inc teaser there - St Johns Wood as I live and breathe! Thats a whole other post! GOSH Rainbow is £5 from Superdrug btw if you are fancying it, Em put it over Nails Inc The Thames and it looked fab on that too.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Em's New body art

Her dad and I weren't so keen on the idea of a second tattoo and a quiet battle had been raging all week. Then Em emailed us from work and set us straight. She understood our concerns but wanted us to see things from her point of view, she had given this particular tattoo a great deal of thought and wouldn't have been doing it if she felt that she would regret it. She was going to make sure it was far enough up her wrist that it could be covered easily by sleeves or bangles and that we were to all stop fighting. Well, what could we say in the face of such a well reasoned arguement?


That said she has no plans to get any more for the foreseeable future.


Which is good because we think she is just lovely as she is!

My Birthday pressie

Had a fantastic birthday, far nicer than a 44th has any right to be! Met Em from work and we got the train to Leeds so that I could go to the Pandora shop and get some new beads for my bracelet. Got the light green stripe from my sister, the pale blue stripe from my mum and the blue and jade flower ones from Steve, Em and Tom. I love this bracelet!


Then Em and I had smoked salmon sandwiches at Harvey Nichols. Book club in the evening was even more of a celebration with champagne and lemoncello cocktails - like drinking lemon meringue pie! and a proper birthday party tea laid on by Anna complete with cheese and pineapple on sticks, cocktail sausages and party hats and Lisa had made the most fab choc birthday cake. So all in all I was spoilt rotten and had a fantastic time, lucky me!


Photos of GOSH Rainbow (duo chrome flakie top coat!) on top of Purplicious coming soon. And an update on my Nails Inc Griege collection trauma and its fab resolution this morning - anything that arrives in a glossy purple jiffy bag is the best! No Essie to be had in the whole of Leeds which was a complete mare and if I had still been 43 would probably have had a tantrum, as am now 44 and so officially grown-up I got a grip! Oh and a photo of Em's new body art coming soon too! Have a fab weekend.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

UNE - couple more things to show you!

You probably remember my first post that featured UNE eye make up and the lip balm. Still loving the lip balm a whole big lot. Whilst I really like the eye shadow and pencil I bought initially I felt I could do with something a little darker for evenings. Having had a look at the UNE website and read that the colours reflect the colours found in our skin tones I decided to have a good look at my face without make up. OMG. I am gorgeous. Not. Really really not. Not that that the point but thank god and all thats holy for make up! When I looked my eye lids have more of a pinky colour - think mixy rabbit - than khaki, which given my genetics, good old celtic, is hardly a wonder! So I decided to have a look for a darker eye pencil and to see what the purpley shade of eye shadow would look like.

Here are my new purchases:
The new pencil and new eye shadow are the first two.

I absolutely LOVE them! The pencil is dark but not black or brown, sort of in the middle with a greyish tone so its nice and subtle. The eyeshadow is super blendable and a lovely shade that gives my eyes a bit of the dramatic without masses of make up, which just doesnt work on me.

Heres a pic without flash which shows the colours better.

Not that I am a whizz with an eye shadow brush but have tried a range of applications with this including using the brush in the container to run some over the top of the eye liner just above my upper lashes for a bit of extra definition, all over my lower eye lid and well blended in which is maybe makes me look at bit heavy eyed and best of all into the socket line and underneath for as close to a smoky eye as I am ever going to get!

So, still recommending UNE eye shadows and lip pencils.

Well, its birthday eve here so am about to get myself a glass of something sparkling but a quick heads up for future posts first. I am a fan of home hair colouring - as I dont have £50 to lash out at the hairdressers for colour on top of my £50 hair cut (I always opt for good cut - Lee at Toni and Guy in Halifax, if he leaves I will hunt him down.) but would rather colour myself as the greys are now so prevalent that having highlights is a waste of time and I just feel its pointless paying to have someone apply one colour for you. Couldnt get the Nice and Easy semi permanent I have been using so bought a Casting Creme Gloss in Caramel this afternoon and am DELIGHTED with the results also got a new hairdryer today too so those two things will be in a post next week.

And seeing as its my birthday tomorrow have decided am on a mission. Going to Leeds with Em and want to buy Essie Lapis Luxury, fingers crossed! Its the most gorgeous periwinkle blue and I have never bought an Essie polish before so dying to see what they are like. So lots of lovely things to look forward too!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Goody 43mm Ceramic Ionic Porcelaine Brush

Get a load of this bad boy.

That is a hairbrush and a half! Having changed shampoo, conditioner, styling product and to a certain extent style - still layered and flicking out but more layers and with a fringe - I was still struggling to get my hair looking how I wanted it and then realised the one thing I had not changed was my brush. Have used the same 3 brushes for the last six years and I wondered if maybe a new brush would do the trick. Basically need a big barrel - want sticking out, not curls, wanted a ceramic body because as it heats up with the hair dryer it speeds up drying time and also helps with smoothing, ionic because it reduces frizz and it needed to be light enough to be weilded about with it feeling like a session in the gym. For £11.99 this seemed like a really good option, what I hand't counted on was that the combination of bristles and the orange rubber spikes means this baby straightens and smooths like you would not believe, it gets right into those frizzy roots and hauls them out straight, I swear my hair is half an inch longer using this brush! Most incredible of all I can sleep on it over night and then spritz and restyle - absolutely unheard of, have washed my hair every single day for the last decade because over night my hair bends and twists and frizzes and I wake up looking as if a cat upped and died on my head. Really, that bad.


Boots have 32 different Goody brushes - they work on the basis that your wet hair has different needs to when it is partially dry and you are starting to style and then you have another brush for finishing. Frankly I pull this through my wet hair so that the roots are already out straight before I start styling. I always rough dry and then section my hair - any moisture left in the roots because they were covered by other hair means a serious bad hair day and we all know what a miserable cow I am when that happens! As I mentioned before I used to use 3 brushes, not any more, this one does everything and whats more has meant that running over the top of my hair with straighteners is optional as opposed to essential, amazing in itself. If you have mid-length hair that you want to blow dry smooth with volume this is the brush for you. They do a range of brushes with different barrel sizes so there will be one for everyone and I cant recommend them strongly enough.

From praise to damnation. I am starting a new regular section called the "Walk of Shame" for beauty products that just don't preform the way they are supposed to. All entrants will receive the TWIHMBL POS (piece of s**t!) award and first up will be the Phillips Ladyshave, probably closely followed by Nails Inc. customer service, although am going to give them a few more days to redeem themselves! If you have bought anything that you think deserving of the POS award please let me know and we can prevent anyone else from wasting their hard earned on it. Hair removal seems to be a particular bug bear and I have already had waxing strips nominated by my hirsute friend Fran!! So will combine all forms of depilatory products into one post very soon - if you have any others to add please let me know. Ooh just remembered those emery board style pads that I bought ages ago, just rub and all your hair falls off. Then shortly afterwards your skin begins to burn and sting and you feel as if you have been flayed alive. They are going on this list too!

Monday, 10 May 2010

NOTD 3 - Barbara Daly Purplicious

Still struggling with the whole nail of the day (NOTD!) photo thing! This one was taken using the little compact digital, much less shoulder wrecking and it is in focus so thats good but still not what I am looking for! Made a detour round Tesco's on Saturday as had read on a nail blog that there were some good green polishes to be had - no sign of them but spotted this one and had been rather fancying a purple cream.


Trouble with purple is that its hard to photograph, even if you aren't having all the photo issues I am having!! I bought Bourjois So Laque Violet Blu which is the bottle I am holding, thinking it would be this colour on the nail, it isn't it dries a much darker indigo shade and it has a pants brush. Barbara Daly Purplicious dries darker than it's bottle shade to the bottle shade of Violet Blu so I got what I wanted in the end! It applies nicely, this is 3 coats as 2 was still a bit thin in places and no top coat as I haven't managed to get around to that yet!

Boots Intensive Sensitive skin serum - quick note!

Just a quick update on this. Whilst it is a great underwear for your moisturiser I am feeling that for anyone with sensitive skin and a specific need for their serum to deal with some of the more tell-tale signs of sensitive skin this isn't going to cut the mustard. Have used it exclusively since Friday and this morning, admittedly post a very hot and heavy spinning session, when I was putting on some make up in the full glare of daylight I noticed that the redness on my cheeks and chin was creeping back in. If you have similar sensitive skin issues I would still strongly recommend the Body Shop Aloe Vera sensitive skin serum over the Boots Expert one. The Body shop one at £10 is still incredible value for a serum and I have seen a visible reduction in the amount of redness whilst using it.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ladies - it's time to share!

In response to my News Flash email about the Boots Skin Serum:
(Usual price £4.99 at the moment two for £4 - the best skincare deal ever I suspect!)

I had loads of emails from my girls telling me what they are loving right now; Rebecca (who is a teacher and so will be FREAKED by my use of a semi-colon - teachers get off on that kind of thing!) is loving Benefit eyebrow pencils and blusher and Mary, who isn't a teacher but is old school when it comes to punctuation and correct grammar so will be loving it too, is rocking Barry M Turquoise nail varnish today as it matches her new top perfectly!

Aprpos of almost nothing - my Barry M collection, or at least the part of it I could get my hands on quickly on Friday! The Turquoise is the 4th from the left and the new pale blue made infamous by my hideous hand photos on Friday is the 5th!

So I thought well why don't we all share? If you find something you are loving and want to tell the world send me a quick email and I'll do a weekly, or monthly if you all refuse to talk to me!, round up of what is making us happy. Ok, so that's not really telling the world is it, but there will be about 8 ladies who will be really pleased you did share!

Or you can just leave a comment on this and future Sharing posts.

Posts on this blog are like buses aren't they, none for ages and then Wham! millions. Well, two anyway!
Happy weekend.

Oh and one last photo because sometimes we do get what we wish for:
All that ironing paid off!

Charles Worthington Dream Hair - Results

Well I'm a convert! Have always been a fan of high end products for my hair, not that its anything fab but its more fab than other parts of me so I hope by trying to make it fabulous the other bits of me that are less so will be overlooked! Once saw something on tv that said that if your shampoo contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate then you might as well wash you hair in washing up liquid, or something along those lines! So of course when you scan the labels only shampoo's that cost around £10 are SLS free, your off the shelf, £2.99 stuff from Boots is full of it. So that seemed to legitimise my inordinate spending on shampoo and conditioner, until I spent an unexpected £30 odd on UNE cosmetics, see my first post, and thought that I ought to compromise.

Like judging a book by its cover - ALWAYS a good idea - I judge a shampoo by its fragrance. I threw out the last of the Bed Head Control Freak shampoo and conditioner I had because although it worked fantastically it stank, its supposedly pineapple fragance seemed more like parmesan to me and it pretty much made me gag, not an ideal way to start your day. In fact all the Bed Head range have pretty strong fruity fragrances and I'm pretty underwhelmed by the idea of smelling like a mint strawberry or pomegranate smoothy tbh. Charles Worthington Dream hair smells lush, like a luxury perfume rather than a chemical soup with no class. The shampoo doesn't produce masses of bubbles, but in my book thats a good thing because rinsing them out takes ages and actually I have a feeling that all that lather is generated by something toxic that is secretly turning your hair to straw anyway so the less the better. (There is a small chance I am wrong about that!) The conditioner is really thick - so much so I thought the pump was broken the first time I used it, I just had to whack the bottle a couple of times to get the conditioner in underneath the pump so that it would work. The conditioner also smells divine and makes my hair feel incredibly silky and soft.

Thought we were in need of a photo!

I also bought the Vitamin Enriched styling spray just because it was there and at the time Boots were doing 2 products for £7, the usual price is £5.49 per product - although NEWS FLASH: Superdrug are doing each for £3.50 at the moment - the tireless research I do on your behalf is second to none, don't you think!

The styling spray seems to give a reasonable amount of hold, I just get a better finish with it than without. I use in conjunction with Bed Head Control Freak Smoothing gel, just to kill off the last of the frizz.

I had a problem with frizz. You will notice the past tense. Sneak peak time:

I have a new secret weapon. Have to test it for another couple of days but expect a hairbrush related post, chock full of hyperbole, very very soon!

Friday, 7 May 2010

NOTD 2 - Barry M Pale Blue

Have SOOOO much that I need to post and have been working like a loon this week so no time to take photos or write interesting and witty things on my blog. Am planning a post on the Charles Worthington Dream Hair range - love and on my new hairbrush - bigger love and one of the Boots Expert serum that I mentioned in the News Flash email! So loads to do but as a brief respite from putting tractors on the tractorpool website thought I would take a quick pic of my latest purchase - Barry M Pale Blue. Am really after a very pale baby blue but am not prepared to fork out yet for an Essie one yet, always worried that these pale ones will give me hands that look like boiled beef!


This is the Pale Blue with flash - and without hand cream or cuticle oil. Yak. Sorry about that, was in the kitchen keeping the dog quiet whilst Steve checked in some guests and thought I should multi task and do the photo whilst I was there - of course all my nail stuff is on my desk and so you have knarly cuticles to enjoy! So yea pale blue with flash. Not quite the pale blue of my dreams but for £2.95 not bad!


Pale Blue sans flash. Also sans focus! But in lieu of cuticle oil had slapped on a tad of the Kelly Brook shimmering body lotion that I found in the cupboard - hence the weird sparkly bits and when I realised that looked pants dipped a tad of vege oil round them! The glamour round here is never ending don't you think!!

Just previewed this - that photo is pants, sorry about that. Oh and must mention have taken nails right back as flaking was out. of. control. so they look rather more nubby than I like!

Ok further post edit update - had to re-do those photos and still not happy, couldn't handle hideous cuticles on first and am still freaked by out of focus 2nd. I instantly switch off from nail blogs with crap photos, whats the point? So please bear with me and in future I wont bother with the multi tasking thing, this is clearly not something to be done in a hurry!

Now off to nurse my poor shoulder - fantastic camera but it has a focal length of about 2 inches longer than my arm actually is so I have to wedge camera into face and twist to the right whilst pushing my left arm as far forward as is humanly possible and then hold this whilst the camera focuses! The agonies I go through for my blog!

Watch this space loads more to come.


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