Monday, 13 December 2010

Palette love.

Urban Decay Naked - no way santa is turning up with this baby is he?! Cant find it anywhere online. So have been having a re-think. Am thinking Too faced Naked palette.

Liking the Stila naked one a lot more but not convinced will be able to find that in either Leeds or Trafford Centre (if you know otherwise please please let me know
in comments). Can't actually find that on the Stila site either although saw it on other bloggers sites, odd.

Buuuuuut, am also going to drag S along to the Bobbi Brown
counter just to have a leetle peek at the Modern Classic palette.How incredible is that, 10 lush shadows, 4 fab glosses? Mind you for £60 S is going to have to be feeling the love too or it wont be happening! I reckon keep the shopping down to a dull roar, MAC counter for Em's bits, one other shop for her secret pressie (shhh. she reads this blog. And makes rude comments!) so he's not traumatised. Spot of lunch and then Wham! straight to the Bobbi Brown counter with promises of this being the absolutely last thing we have to buy.......unless of course its too expensive, in which case theres always Boots, Harvey Nicks, Debenhams .......! If that doesn't seal the deal nothing will. Watch this space! Can't believe that at the start of this year I never wore eye shadow and a palette would have been the last thing I would want, what have you bloggers done to me!


  1. ooo House of Fraser did have one Naked palette left in stock about 10 mins ago!
    Hope this gets to you before they sell out! ;)

    Fee x

  2. Yep it's still there! Go, go, go! xx

  3. Hi Fee, thanks for this spotted it a bit late! I had a look at the Too Faced Naked palette in Boots yesterday and was so pleased I checked rather than just purchased on line. The shades were a bit meh to be honest and they had a shed load of sparkle and I just dont think that looks right once you get past a certain age, subtle shimmer nice, full on glitter sparkle, not so much!


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