Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm back!

After a busy couple of weeks where work and a much needed holiday kept me away from blogging I am back and think I have got my mojo back on the blogging front. To be honest I was starting to wonder whether the blogging was really worth it, I enjoy twitter and reading other peoples blogs and was just not loving blogging that much, I think I'll see how it goes for a little bit longer and if I am still boring myself then I'll kick it into touch, although will still be tweeting, following other blogs and commenting like a demon, so you wont have heard the last from me if I do stop!

Got a couple of nice bits in duty free and on holiday that I want to blog and another post on the couple  of products that were total life savers when I got burnt on holiday - I know, cardinal sin! In the meantime have a mass of work to catch up on and loads of photos to sort so please bear with me for a little bit longer.

PS - in the meantime there are some holiday snaps to have a look at here on the photo blog!


  1. Glad you had a lovely break!! Oh even the idea of sunburn (however bad it is) is making me what to go on holiday!

    As for getting your mojo back - I know the feeling, not being feeling the erge to properly blog for 2 weeks now but still love reading other blogs and talking on Twitter, but like you I'm going to see how it goes!

    Looking forward to all your future posts with your dutyfree buys and holiday pics!

    Fee x

  2. Hi Fee, thanks for stopping by! I am just a bit sick of the sight of my face peering up at me from my blog tbh! Would rather tweet than blog, its just more social I think, blogging is a bit like standing in a field a million miles away from anywhere or anyone and whispering, or at least thats how it feels to me! xx

  3. Please don't stop! I love being able to see how things may look on me rather than some teenager who doesn't need it in the first place! Besides, I'm a recent follower, having only found your blog a few weeks ago, and I may take it personally.

    Gill x

  4. Hi Gill, thanks for taking time to leave me a comment, especially such a nice one! I am hoping to get some time over the weekend to take a raft of photos and write up some posts to schedule for next week, one of my biggest issues is trying to sort some kind of work/blog/life balance - the work keeps dipping out and if that continues I could find myself in a world of trouble! x

  5. You know, I can understand that, I'm self employed and find I can lose hours reading people's blogs! I'm not creative enough for my own but I can imagine it must be time consuming.

    Well, no pressure from me then, don't want you to not have time for doing your own things, but I'll keep checking back just in case ... x

  6. I know how you feel, I've feel like I've neglected my blog for the month of June but it's not due to lack of interest just time.

    I don't want you stop, I appreciate having bloggers my age around as it is mostly dominated by the younger crowd and nothing against them but I like knowing I have someone on my level too!

    Just take it easy an enjoy it, it's a hobby and an outlet for rambling about annoying SA's, great lipsticks, and nail polish you love but your other half thinks is fugly (but you wear it anyway)!


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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