Friday, 2 December 2011

The shitest of weeks

Bloody hell am I glad to see the back of this week.  

I started off on a major high, Monday evening at Slimming World I got my 1 stone award, won slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month.  I was of course delighted even though that 1st stone is the first of at least several that I could do with losing! 

From there on it has all been down hill.  The company I work for is based in Kent, where we lived until 10 years ago.  Because I freelance when we moved up here from Kent I brought my work with me, lucky me.  I have made friends for life with some of the people that I work with and whilst I see some of them a couple of times a year there are others that I only ever see at out xmas part and I really really miss them.  The Christmas party last year didnt happen because of the snow and given the whole guest house sale falling through on 6th December and me thinking my life had ended I was in no mood to party anyway.  This year I was super excited about the party.  OH and I always make a real treat of it seeing as we get so little time off.  We set off at about 10am, take a bottle of fizz for the room and generally are in Kent by 2pm.  We have a bit of alone time, an absolute rarity, open our fizz and enjoy one anothers company, quick nap, long bath and then all the fun of getting dressed up and ready for a terrific night with our friends.  I love it.  

Spent Tuesday and Wednesday really looking forward to heading down to Kent on Friday.  On Weds eve had a fight with OH. Its not unusual tbh.  On Thursday morning he announced that he wasn't going to go to Kent to go to the party.  You can imagine how pissed off I was.  Instantly messaged Em to see if she had enough leave to be able to come with me, she messaged straight back that she would love to come - she knows most of the people I work with as they were friends outside work when we lived in Kent though most of them remember her as a 10 yr old not the gorgeous nearly 20 yr old she is now!  I was made up, quality time away with my girl, still get the whole hotel pampering thing without the threat of gratuitous sex, fantastic. 

And then.  Emily got up this morning and could barely breathe.  She has really severe asthma and things have taken a real turn for the worse this year, it was quickly apparent that instead of belting down the A1 we were going to be spending our day in A&E.  Initially it was really worrying, all her usual asthma symptoms were fine and there was some concern that the problem was with her heart, after some monitoring her heart was given the all clear, so then they decided to do chest x rays and blood test to check she didnt have a chest infection.  Chest x ray was fine, bloods not so much.  Em has crap veins.  The nurse tried her left elbow and got nowhere, the Dr came in and he decided that her veins were so awful that he would need to use a butterfly - a lovely comfortable name for a very long, very thin needle that goes in a very long way, nice work who ever came up with that one.  Initially he tried her wrist, but stopped when he still wasn't hitting a vein and she was pretty much in tears, he then said the only other option was her foot - agony.  I asked him if he would have another go this time on her other elbow, basically on the put it in and wiggle it about and hope to hit a vein approach, anything being better than having a needle put into your foot.  Em was a star and the Dr did his bit and although it took a while he managed to snag a vein and get the bloods he needed.  I think its safe to say that Em is now over her needle phobia.  So the xray and the bloods came back clear and they decided that quite possibly coughing from a recent cold had meant that Em had damaged some ligaments in her chest and these were causing the pain which was causing the rapid, shallow breathing.  So all's well that ends well, Em is home and although she is knackered and full of holes she is fine.  Thank god.  We came close to losing her when she was 11 and I NEVER want to go there again.

And I am sat at my desk typing this.  Right now even some gratuitous sex would be ok as an alternative. On the upside the rest of December really only can get better*.

*Why do I think I am going to regret typing that?


  1. It's horrible to look forward to a party and then have it quashed never mind hospital trauma too. Sending you hugs. xx

  2. Oh bloody hell! What a nightmare. Hope Em is feeling better soon. When she is back to full strength, you can go out partying to make up for this bump in the road. And, if it makes you feel any better, I've been in the dentist all afternoon. Jumped off an overnight flight and straight there. Oh the joys... x

  3. Congrats on the milestone at SW too!! :O) x

  4. I've had a shizzle week too, not as bad as yours but still a load of rubbish. I'm glad I'm here in bed on Friday night reading blogs rather than being out but I can see why you are disappointed. Glad Em is okay though poor thing!

    And more importantly congrats on the weight loss. I know how fooking hard it is to lose weight and I'm on the journey now myself!

  5. Hi ladies, thanks for your comments, yesterday was a super horrible day but we managed to salvage it with a really lovely evening, ordered a curry and then sat on the sofa with a bottle of prosecco and just relaxed, its so rare we get this place to ourselves that it's a treat in itself! Nice to really make the most of our last bit of time off until 23rd December, when we close for Xmas, dont open again until 4th Jan so its our longest break of the year - cant wait! xxxx


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