Sunday, 4 March 2012

No 7 Vitality Eye Roll-on

Those bloody Boots £5 No 7 Vouchers, I never know what to buy with them as am seriously not a huge fan of No 7 products but it always feels like such a waste to just not use them.

Staring hard in the mirror the other day I realised that my eye's are starting too look very dry and I am aware that its an area that I tend to neglect.  Seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a No 7 product and get rid of one of those pesky vouchers!

I opted for Vitality eye roll-on initially because of the 3 little roller balls, in my head they are going to feel lovely and cooling and like a little mini eye massage every day!  Then I squeezed some of the product out and it is a pearlised pink so will instantly add some radiance to the eye area, so for £7 (its £12 without the voucher) it seemed like the way to go.

3 little rollerballs
Brightening pearly pink'ness
This is available here on the Boots website.  So come on, what do you spend your No 7 £5 vouchers on, please tell me!  

I also snagged the one and only bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire nail varnish whilst I was in Boots, tempted to use it but have a little giveaway planned so might hang on to it for that!

Of course as I paid for my purchases and was delighted to get rid of one of my £5 vouchers I received another at the till so I definitely need your recommendations!! 

UPDATE - have been using this for a week and LOVE it! I can see a difference in how hydrated the skin under my eyes is, whilst I didn't really have dark circles I do think the whole area looks brighter, probably just for not being so dry and dull looking.  I love using this, it feels really cooling on my skin and isn't greasy at all - get your £5 vouchers out ladies and go shop!


  1. I always end up donating mine to my mum as she uses No7 products. I do like the sound of this roll on though, my eyes are always dry especially around the bottom. Dry patches and dark rings are not a good look for me!

  2. I find their eye makeup remover to be quite good (if I'm feeling poor and can't run to the Lancome one) so I usually get that with the vouchers (I swear those things breed!).

  3. Please tell me where you are getting these vouchers!!!! I'm in the US, and I LOVE No.& products!!! Thanks!! HIllie


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