Friday, 18 May 2012

Stuff I have to blog about

This is my way of ensuring that I stop ignoring this poor little blog!  I have the following that you need to know about:

Lancome Baume Eclat cleanser
Dior Extreme lipstick
Tresemme split end repair
Laura Mercier blush
Sleek Matte eye shadow palette
UD Straydog eye shadow
Glass nail files with Swarovski crystals

And probably a couple of other bits too.  You have my word dear reader that some, if not all, of these things will be blogged about next week.  Thanks for bearing with me.

In the meantime here's a cute baby photo from the shoot I did last week.
I shoot, she eats leaves.

Sorry couldn't resist! Isn't she adorable and clearly enjoying the tastiest leaf ever.


  1. Now that my ovaries are due to pack up at anytime you go and treat me to a gloriously gorgeous baby pic, my daughter used to eat twigs and leaves. Very cute.

    1. Sorry and yep she made my ovaries twang a bit too if I'm honest although I'll settle for being a granny in due course! I have replied to your comment on the previous post too, btw. xx

    2. Yes. Thankyou Debbie, I do appreciate your kind words xx

  2. What a gorgeous picture! I love it! x


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