Thursday, 7 June 2012

My blog pics will never look the same again!




Have wanted a macro lens for the longest time, not primarily for my blog photos you understand but for some of my paid photography.  Buuuuut it does take stunning blog pics!! 


  1. Very jealous :) always loved macro photography, I definitely need to get myself a lens!

    The first pic is sooo close up and pretty.

    Fee x

  2. Ooooh exciting! Looking forward to even more fabulous pics! x

  3. Thanks ladies, I have been having a field day - not done much work this afternoon! It's a bit of a steep learning curve as its all down to manual focus and managing the light but I am loving it, loads more macro pics on the photo blog too if you are interested, already have big plans for pics to print onto canvas for our walls! xxx

  4. I think macro lenses are fabulous - Ned has one for his Canon and when he is back I line up lipsticks to photograph for me, it really gets the shade of the bullet true. My fave though is the bit on my camera which makes everything really diddy, like toy town :) Lovely lovely post.

  5. Thanks Simone and Jan, I have now spent the entire weekend taking photos and loving every minute! The majority are posted on the photo blog if you fancy a look! (be warned Jan - 4 posts down, there's a baby!! And she is bloody gorgeous!) xx

  6. they were already looking pretty mighty fine before. now they are just out of this world, woah
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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