Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bed Head Urban Antidotes

Remember my post about Drugstore Hair care (as we Brits like to call it having watched hours of Friends and House)?

I take it all back.

On Saturday after an hour of hugely stressful wedding photography I was paid in cash and decided I needed a treat.  Whilst Kerastase was a step too far I decided I could run to some Bed Head shampoo and conditioner.

S'cuse stock image, the camera is having a week off between weddings!
The Urban Antidotes come in 3 strengths; Re-energize (light green) for normal hair needing daily care, Recovery (blue) for processed, dry hair in need of tlc and Resurrection (Red) for weak, brittle hair in need of an intervention.

The hairdresser in the salon I purchased from had a quick squizz at my hair and suggested I went for No 2 Recovery.  I have used it three times and the difference it has made to my hair is incredible.  I had been using the L'Oreal PureStrength since I wrote about it on the 10th June and whilst my hair never looked fantastic it was OK and for a shampoo and condition from Boots the results weren't bad at all.  But for a combined price of £20.50 the Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner have totally and utterly changed how my hair looks.  My hair is much less frizzy, with the L'Oreal it started off smooth'ish and frizzed up over the course of the day, with the Bed Head it stays glossy and unfrizzed for the entire day.  I am really loathe to wash my hair daily given that it takes me about 20 mins to blow dry and I found with the L'Oreal it was a real push to make my hair last 2 days, not the case with the Bed Head, in between washes it has stayed frizz free and only needs a slight sorting with a spritz of water and a blat about with the hair dryer to bring it back to bouncy loveliness!

As you'd expect from Bed Head the shampoo and conditioner both smell lovely, sort of citrus, grapefruity kind of smell? I found when I used Kerastase that I still needed a good sized blob to get it to lather, with the Bed Head I do an initial wash with a single pea sized blob and then a 2nd wash with the same amount again (I use a shit load of styling products!) and then a 10p sized blob of conditioner.  I think I might invest in the Resurrection conditioner to use once a week as a bit of an extra boost, I'd be concerned it would be too heavy for every other day.  When I rinse my conditioner I like my hair to feel silky and its not quite achieving that with the Recovery conditioner, although when it's dried it is very smooth and feels thicker and much more moisturised - the feeling of my dry hair is the thing that convinces me most that Urban Antidotes works, with the L'Oreal it felt rough, fluffy and thin.

So yep, for the two it costs £20.50 rather than £11.98 for the L'Oreal so its a bit more of a splurge but I have to say for me the results are totally worth it and I wont be going back to Boots for my shampoo and conditioner any time soon!  What are you using at the moment? Have you tried Urban Antidotes - what did you think? 

*Quick update* I did buy Ressurection conditioner and it is lovely, makes my hair incredibly smooth and silky, think it will come into its own on holiday when I will wash and let my hair dry naturally, hopefully will end up with waves not frizz.  I now use Rescue conditioner all over and a smidge of Ressurection just through the ends and that seems to work a treat.


  1. I've never tried it, but I do love Tigi for a splurge - am in love with their brunette conditioner at the minute. Will keep this in mind!

  2. Ooh I'll have to mention that to Em, she has just gone from red back to brunette and is keen to look after her colour, thanks for the heads up and the comment! xx

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