Friday, 17 August 2012

Holy shit! Pass the gin.

Roller coaster.  The most stressful and traumatic 48 hours since the sale of the guest house fell through (bastards).  I am shell shocked and need booze but it's done!

After much chopping and changing Tom has accepted a place at Edge Hill University to study English and he is delighted, absolutely thrilled.  His didn't get his first choice and went through clearing and by his own admission has somehow ended up doing a much better course than the one he had originally applied for.

Had it not been for Twitter Tom would not being going to Edge Hill.  Yesterday morning when I was looking at his results (C English, E Sociology, E History) and his UCAS Track with "unsuccessful" all over it and was in despair Leanne from OCD tweeted in response to say not to panic and had I considered Edge Hill, she used to work there and "The Boy" (her partner!) still does.  Tom and I will be eternally grateful for that suggestion and if I ever get the chance, which is looking increasingly likely, I am going to buy her the biggest bloody drink!

I am off for a lie down and then on Monday we are all going to Sorrento (we have house sitters so piss off robbers) and I can not wait.  Bit of a blogging hiatus but I'll be back at the start of September with blog posts no doubt charting the intense emotions in the run up to 23rd September!!


  1. Many congratulations to Tom on getting a place, now all go off and have the most fabulous holiday :) Jude x @jadlgw

  2. How great is twitter? Have a bloody amazing holiday, you deserve it, and huge congratulations to Tom x

  3. Yay Tom!!! Huge congrats!! So glad he has got a place to study a course that he is interested in and considering how much he(and you!)liked EHU, glad that I suggested it. The whole University 'experience' is something I don't think can be underestimated. The freedom of being away from home, meeting friends that will last a lifetime and acquiring life skills along the way - these are all things Tom will learn/pick up in addition to his degree, regardless of his choice of University. For me, going to University has been one of the most important experiences of my life. As you can tell, I'm quite envious of Tom right now and would swap with him in a heartbeat. But I've had my turn. Hope you all have an amazing break in Italy. You can relax now he has his place sorted. I feel that many gin's will be consumed... See you upon your return! Ciao! Lx

  4. I am so very happy for you Debbie, that is such a relief it is a harsh and stressful time. I had the immense emotions last year when Ned left for Leeds and I was suffused with huge wracking sobs for the whole of the weekend - don't get me wrong I was delighted that he was going but I felt utterly bereft. I will be thinking of you. Have a lovely lovely holiday xx


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