Saturday, 3 November 2012

Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia

Impetuous, spontaneous, foolhardy.  Mrs Instant Gratification, that's me.  Decide at 7pm on a Wednesday evening that I am a Bright Spring who should only ever wear teal and by lunch time on Thursday I have spent £35 on blue eye shadow and had my hair colour darkened as I have decided, based on nothing at all, that it will look much better with my new colourful wardrobe.  For once my leaping in seems not to have back fired.  

Having decided that I needed colour I spent a considerable time online googling the various options, no point wanting anything from Guerlain or Laura Mercier as neither of those are available in Huddersfield.  Clarins is nice but safe, maybe? Lancome was a possibility but knowing that I love Estee Lauder DWL and having seen that the eye palettes were both beautiful and, comparatively, affordable I created a bit of a yearning for an Estee Lauder palette and given my new found love of colour the only one that was ever going to tick all the boxes was Blue Dahlia.

It wasn't until I got to Huddersfield I thought to consider that perhaps it was no longer available, given that it first appeared ages ago as part of a limited edition.  Luckily I needn't have worried, apparently it was limited ed but proved so popular its now part of the main collection.  Wanna see some pics?!

The familiar iconic EL gold case which feels nicely weighty.

I am sure everyone has seen this a million times so these photos are completely self-indulgentI fell in love with the teal and the shimmering navy but it's the taupe that pulls everything together and makes it all so wearable if you are a bit colour shy.
 The white isn't white, it is an opalescent shimmer, no frost, no whiteness, just the most beautiful opal glitter.  Not immensely wearable admittedly but to add a little something to an evening eye it's perfect.

The photo above best shows the glitter, especially if you click on it to see the larger photo. 

As you would imagine the colours are a dream to apply.  I very unusually have a morning where I haven't had to get up to do breakfast for guests so I had the chance to play.  Ordinarily for the day I suspect I'd go taupe all over the lid and then use either the teal or the navy on my upper lash line and I would always intend to go all out and use the colour properly on a night out and then would chicken out and never do it.  This morning I decided that if I was going to spend £35 on coloured eye shadow I wasn't going to shy away from using it.

A bit much for Co-op in Elland on a Saturday morning I'll grant you, but I do love it!  I had read that the Estee Lauder way to wear was the teal all over the mobile lid, taupe in the crease and the navy on the outer corner and top and bottom lash line, or something along those lines so that's what I did.  I still have slightly puffy eye lids as a result of a run in with corneal erosion on Thursday night, once they deflate fully things will look a lot better.  I really like how the taupe took away the scaryness of all that colour and of course once I put my glasses on it takes things down a notch as well.  For a night out I would definitely just put a little of the opal glitter in the inner corner just to lift that area and I might be tempted to pull more of the navy up into the outer V, I played it safe this morning so as not to frighten myself! I am surprised at how comfortable I feel in this much colour, I think the darker hair helps a lot and having agreed with Helen that scarves do me no favours I felt the need to wear this one just to pull things together until I stop spending money on teal eye shadow and start spending it on teal clothes!  Just in case anyone is wondering I am wearing ELDWL, Clinique colour correcting powder, Laura Mercier Second Skin Blush in Rose Petal, Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in Paparazzi, Benefit they're real mascara and Benefit Browzings in light on my brows, which are also much better with my darker hair.

And whilst I need no encouragement if anyone has any other eye shadows that they think I might love please let me know.  I did find the most gorgeous teal sweater in Monsoon that is now on my wish list, along with fuschia leather gloves from M&S, also on the list!  As a result of all of this I felt it only right that my much beloved UD Naked palette wasn't left to languish lonely and unloved so I have given it to Emily, needless to say I am currently her favourite mummy!


  1. Debbie you look gorgeous! I lurve the shades on you and the hair looks fab, dammit next time I back your neck of the woods you'll have to bust out this look and we'll have a night on the tiles! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Simone, sounds like a plan to me! xx

  2. Your hair looks great, and I really like that eyeshadow on you.

    There are probably some neutral shades in the BSpr palette (I think there are in all of them) - so don't give away all your taupes! ;)

    1. Thanks Grace and thanks for the reminder re neutrals, I do still have a couple but Em has been eyeing the Naked palette since I got it and considering that in the at time I have only hit pan on Naked -the buff matte shadow - I felt it should be shown a bit more love! Think grey is a better neutral for me than brown looking at the BSpr palette, which I am happy about as I much prefer it. x

  3. Beautiful! I adore this palette, it's one of my faves but I don't reach for it that often, you've inpsired me to dig it out tomorrow! x

    1. Thanks Charlie, yesterday I did taupe on the eye lid and crease then used the blue on my upper and lower lash line, which I loved so today I got braver and put the taupe on the eye lid and into the crease, did lash line with the blue and then smudged more blue into the crease and outer V, they blend so nicely together it makes for a nice soft but defined look. Next up I think blue all over and then black in crease in an attempt at a smokey eye!!

  4. Hi Debbie
    I've just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading your posts on hair colour. Looking at your "embrace the grey" post it looks like your natural colour (together with they greys!) is very close to mine. I'm just about to colour my hair again and love the colour of your hair in these pics - would you mind telling me what brand and colour you used?

    1. Hi Ali

      thanks for your nice comment, unfortunately I have been having my hair coloured in the hairdressers for the last year or so, I just felt that I couldn't get the sort of thing I was looking for by doing it myself at home. I currently have a dark blond all over colour with some fine caramel highlights to keep it multi-tonal. The best at home colourant I have used was Perfect 10 and I have done a few posts on it - - is probably the best shade for my colouring that I used from their range - please also read the post which is under the Perfect 10 label as a warning!!! If I can help with anything else and you are on twitter give me a shout @ihavemostlybeen.


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