Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Super quick round up

I have found some fab stuffs lately and have been dying to post about them but just haven't had the time to get them altogether, take photos, sort photos, write words - in short blog about them.  I still don't have time to do the photo stuff but I really wanted to share the fantastic brushes I have just bought which are stupidly fab and crazily inexpensive.

First up is the Eco Tools 6 piece eye brush set.  It is fantastic - I'd nick the photo from Boots website but it wont let me.  Please google image this, or if you you'd like pics shout and I'll find a few mins to take some.  I comes in a linen wallet with a mirror and includes a big brush for blending, which I use to apply shadow all over my lid, in about 3 seconds flat, its terrific for rush job eye shadow at 5.30am, a pointed crease brush, which is fantastic and great used to smudge out a darker crease colour, an angled crease brush, great for applying the crease colour, a short haired curved brush which is terrific for smudging colour onto the lash line and small brush which I tend not to use a whole big lot.  For £14.99 it is almost too good to miss.

When I bought the Eco tools eye brushes Boots were doing buy one get on half price so I also bought the Buffing Brush.  Total love.  It has quite literally transformed how my foundation looks and I love it.  And even at full price its a crazy £9.99.  The only downside with this brush is that it feels so gorgeous and plush when you buff your face that I am frequently in danger of buffing the foundation right off my face!  Again, please shout if a photo would help.

The other thing I am loving right now is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner.  Since I read the post of tightlining that has transformed how I do my eye make-up this has become my absolute must use product, its up there with powdering in my, newly HD'd, brows - that good!!  It costs £7.99 and comes with a little brush which works really well.  I have never, ever, ever been any good with eyeliner.  For years I used powder shadow and cursed the bloody fall-outThen I tried this, after it was recommended on Twitter (and suggested as being comparable to the Bobbi Brown equivalent but a heck of a lot cheaper - thanks for that Simone!) and it is fab, for some reason having tightlined from underneath suddenly liner application along the top of the lash line becomes an absolute breeze, I am days a way from my first ever eye liner flick I think!  Above the lash line I tend to try and get it looking OK and then before it has time to set rock hard I wipe the brush on a tissue and use it to tidy up, works a treat!

I have recently decided that as my skin is no longer red, dry, flaky and sensitive - ALL thanks to using a face flannel to cleanse with my oil based cleanser, All Hail La Hirons! - that I could tackle the issue of radiance and some slight pigmentation issues.  After much Googling I opted to try NIP+FAB pigmentation fix.  Its £15.95 and comes in a one of those pump dispensers you cant break into to make sure you get the very last dregs out - I hate those - but I am really liking this product.  I have seen an improvement in a small area of sun damage on my face and in general my skin is looking very much more even toned. 

Oh, result, was able to borrow the photo from the NIP+FAB website, hope they don't sue me!  

I liked it so much that when I spotted their Glycolic Fix I decided I had to try that too!  
 I only purchased this up today so can't review it, but based on what I have picked up from some of the really clever people that blog it appears to have some pretty key ingredients including Glycolic acid to retexture and resurface and hyaluronic acid to moisturise and refresh, I notice having peeled the label off the bottom that it also contains lactic acid and which hazel both of which, I understand, are a help in the fight against ageing.  It comes as pads in a screw top tub and costs £12.99, given that this is pretty cheap I am guessing the % of the active ingredients isn't whooping but whilst it might not transform my skin it can only help!  I'll let you know!

And the reason I have had no time to do anything?  We finally finished destroying what was our lounge and turning it into our bedroom and it now looks like this:

The bedding is all wrong, it's our old bedding as I can't decide whether to go for grey or plum bedding and the door to the room and the walk-in wardrobe need fitting too but I love it!  Oh and the mirror - its my old one just stuck there til I find the one I really want! Anyway, the wall paper is just what I'd hoped it would be!



  1. Your room is pretty and bright looking.

  2. Plummy/Aubergine bedding would look amazing! I've not tried any of the products you mentioned but they all sound great.


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