Sunday, 30 October 2011

Models Own Blusher brush

Having found my hg blusher (MAC Tenderling) and been taught where I should be applying my blusher I have been on a quest to find a shaped, or angled, blusher brush that didn't cost the earth.  I was in Boots last week reeling from the disappointment of discovering that the Debenhams at the White Rose centre didn't have Butter London and that the Boots wasn't carrying the Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure range and was laying on the floor kicking and screaming and just having a general tantrum when I spotted the rather garish Models Own Blusher Brush.  It's bright orange, with a rather weird Orange top, look
But it does have an angled head and it was £8.50.  It comes in a plastic wallet with one of those sliding, zip type, closers which I didn't think too much of at the time but of course is fantastic if you want to take your brush with you, don't own a handbag sized make up bag and dont want your lovely new blusher brush covered in old polos, bits of used tissue and the nasty detritus that gathers in the bottom of your handbag.  

What they say:
Looking for a way to create super defined and glamorous cheekbones? Our professional Angled Blush Brush is perfect for creating a fantastically sculpted look. The slanted shape of this brush offers precision contouring, is soft on your skin and is perfect for accentuating your features!

As the zippy closer thing was effectively locked by the plastic tag I wasn't able to feel the brush in the shop but frankly assumed that for £8.50 it might not be the nicest of brushes but it would give me a chance to find out if having the sloping shaped head would help with contouring and if so I could then spend shed loads more on a better quality brush.  As it happens its a cracking brush, its really soft and does a brilliant job of getting my blusher right where I want it and it really does help with the whole contouring job.  Bear in mind that with my face I'm not highlighting my stunning bone structure, more hoping to suggest to a casual glance that my face isn't actually as round as a football by painting a stripe of brown across each cheek, a la Lohan.  Well hopefully not quite like Ms Lohans infamous court appearance "corpse" face but you get my drift.  Previously I was using a big poofy powder brush which applied my blusher in a big poofy splodge on my big poofy cheeks.  This lovely brush sort of flicks the blusher up towards my eye and nose, creating a nice soft flush whilst giving a nice clean finish underneath, I am sure if you wanted to create absolute facial hollows in terms of contouring this brush would be up for it.  Did I mention it was only £8.50?!  And even the initially jarring shade of orange has turned into a boon, it's incredibly easy to spot my blusher brush lurking in the depths of my make up bag even when I am half asleep as it gives off a sort of glow. It doesn't, but its almost bright enough to.  So yep, love this and if you are looking for an affordable, neon, angled blusher brush this is your man. You can buy it here from Models Own here btw, where its only £8!


  1. Ooooh Debbie, I've never tried any of their brushes and this is supremely bargaineous. Does it shed and have you washed it yet?

  2. I am jealous that you have found your HG blush -I gave up on blush about 10yrs ago, it is just too much of a faff, I have seen these brushes though and was a bit put off by the colour ( I am such a makeup snob!) but maybe I should put aside my prejudices and try...need to find a decent blush first. Thanks for this x

  3. Hi Simone, no sign of any shedding at all, gave it a little tug to check for you and no bristles came away, so good on the shredding front. Not washed it yet but will update once I have. Oh god. Am now going to have to schedule a reminder to myself to wash my bloody blusher brush within the week or you'll all think I am a right minger! x

    Jan, if you haven't tried it I would seriously recommend having a look at Tenderling, I have a lot of redness in my skin as you know and hate to look hot and flushed, the MAC SA was almost stamping her foot when I refused her various offers of bright pink or bright orange blushers and insisted on trying Tenderling, which she was insisting was so pale it wouldn't show on me! She did have the good grace to admit she had been wrong when she saw it on, the photos on my post about it are very true to colour, worth a look I think. I would also definitely recommend taking a look at the brush! x


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