Monday, 2 January 2012

2012, a new camera & my beauty blogging mojo back

Happy New Year lovely people!  New Years Eve was a quiet one for Steve and I, we stayed in, we drank some wine and we watched the fireworks on tv, it was bliss and Em more than made up for us - she went out at 4pm and got in at 7am, she's her father's daughter for sure!  Steve and I went to York on NYD.  Not a total success in that the weather was pants and 90% of the shops were shut, Jessops wasn't so we did come home with a fab new point and shoot so there will be blogging and there will be photos!  My fab "proper" camera takes amazing pics but I get completely precious about it and spend hours striving for perfect and of course without a macro lens there is no chance of good close up pics.  My new point and shoot remedies all of this so I am looking forward to getting back into beauty blogging in 2012.  

I have a few things planned, I am working on a facial oil comparison post as I now have the Sanctuary Oil, Clarins Santal and Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate - this year I am going to concentrate on posts about stuff that I would like to have been able to find but couldn't, facial oil comparisons was one of them.  I am also going to compare Aveda and Kerastase hair care soon.  There will be pics of the 2 perfumes I got for xmas (Miller Harris La Fumee and Penhaligon's Juniper Sling - I know spoilt rotten) and a review of sorts as I am crap at describing scents!

But for now a teaser from the new camera!  I bought Em the Nails Inc Glitterati collection.  To. Die. For. Even if you have to have your nails sandblasted to remove it!  Check this out - this pic is missing the purple glitter the proper post will include it.
If insane nail bling is your thing this is a post you wont want to miss!


  1. Happy New Year to you and the family, Debbie! Hope 2012 is a fabulous one! Super excited to hear that your blogging mojo is back. I'm wearing the gold glitter in my NYE NOTD, but what is the other colour next to it.... NEED?!? x

  2. happy new year! dont forget to use the tin foil method for glitter nail polish, a complete lifesaver xx

  3. Woah! Check out that silver glitter!

    Happy new Year Debbie x

  4. Hi Charlie - it's amazing isn't it and it is a colourful and in your face in real life as it is in the pics, stunning!

    Hi Sophie - bit worried by the tin foil thing tbh, nail varnish remover affects my skin really badly, basically the skin on my thumb and index finger (where I hold the cotton pad) dries and then masses peels off, looks hideous and is really uncomfortable. Bit concerned applying nvr to nails, under tin foil will make this worse and my cuticles will do likewise, so maybe will try with caution!

    Hi Leanne - happy new year to you too! Glad you commented I had no idea that these were anything other than the Glitteratti collection!! The silver is hatton garden apparently. Am dreading the removal but am going to throw caution to the wind and swatch all 3 for the full post.



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