Friday, 27 January 2012

Running things up the flag pole & blue sky thinking, from outside the box.

I went on a sales training course yesterday, could you tell?  I can do the 3 f's on you and you won't even notice, although you might end up with an unexpected warm glow.  I am of course talking Feel, Felt, Found not the 5 F's much loved by school boys everywhere! I learnt that in the colour quadrant by which personality is measured I am a red. This means I am pushy, loud and like pushy and loud people and my motto is "get out of my way".  Or I could spin it the other way and say this makes me a dynamic leader with little time for small talk. More importantly I learnt that my boss is a yellow.  He wants to be my friend. Allegedly. 

I was beyond scathing at the idea of sales training, not because I thought I knew it all (well, ok I sort of did a bit - I have been doing freelance sales for 16 yrs) but also because I felt that having had the misfortune to have been spoken to by some spivvy wide boy in pointy shoes in the past, who could put positive spin on his entire family being wiped out by a hideous plague, I would rather cut out, grill and then eat with ketchup, my own tongue than speak in "sales speak".  

But I am here to say I was wrong.  I have been floundering around a bit lately with my job and in spite of being exhorted by the cast of  Glee to do otherwise had stopped believing in the product and my ability to sell it.  I was bored and spent most of my time online reading blogs and tweeting rather than picking up the phone and chasing business.  Today I have a renewed enthusiasm for the day job, which is why this post is short and to the point. That and because I am a red person, remember - no time for small talk!  Sadly its a little indicative of the real crux of the issue that the sales training came a week after one of our biggest sales opportunities of the year and months before the next for those engaged in the subscriptions side of our business, bit of a re-jig from those further up the food chain and who knows what might have been achieved last week!

Anyway I just wanted to say that I feel that you had missed my posting, I knew you felt I had abandoned my blog and that I hope you have found this post interesting.  Tell me you saw what I did there?!


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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