Monday, 12 September 2011

Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

Got to be honest, not the biggest fan of body scrubs, I think mainly because I am not a huge fan of my body so it doesn't get much attention, I cover it up and hope it will not embarrass me.  So I didn't buy this, Em did, clearly she thought I was in need of some buffing!

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I was pretty ambivalent about this but decided to give it a whirl and I was pleased that I did!  It left my skin feeling soft, smooth and quite lovely!  I have used oil based body scrubs in the past and they tend to leave a film of oil on the skin which I am not keen on.  As this is grittyness in a creamy base there was no oily residue and my skin wasn't tacky or sticky either.

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I have used it several times now and I do like how it leaves your skin ready to drink in whatever moisturiser you decide to apply on top, even Sanctuary Body Butter which can take an age to soak in on me seems to sink in quite quickly.

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The scrub has a nice amount of gritty scrubby almond and ground rice so it sloughs off dead skin without ripping your hide to shreds, have used a sugar based scrub with a bit too much vigour in the past which made my skin sting which wasn't great.  Its £12.50 for a big 200ml tub here 

Have just had a look at the Body Shop website and think the Moringa scrub might be worth trying too, if the scent is a bit nicer, as it also appears to be a creamy base with nut and rice scrubbers in it.  If anyone has any recommendations for body scrubs that aren't sugar in oil types but that have more of a creamy base please do let me know, thanks!


  1. I really like this one, but then again I love the salt/sugar variant too! Moringa is a nice light floral scent.

    Was going to recommend the Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub because it smells divine - then I realised it was a sugar scrub, but it's not oily. The other ones I like are the Haus of Gloi. Check out their website, it makes my mouth water! x

  2. I agree with Leanne Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub is good as is their Flake Away but it can be a bit oily. They have a new one that I just bought as well called Pulp Friction it smells gorgeous and smaller grains.

    I just ordered loads from Haus of Gloi too!

    Great minds think alike!

  3. I am going to have to check out Haus of Gloi I think! Thanks ladies xx

  4. i always fail to wash them off properly and end up feeling like im covered in sand :s

  5. An excellent gift I received this Christmas was a wide assortment of skin care products from Bath and Bodyworks. As I've gotten older, I guess my skin just isn't as good at taking care of itself anymore.


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