Friday, 30 September 2011


Em had a Dr's appointment this morning and on the way home she was texting her brother and roaring with laughter. I thought I'd share their texts because its a sunny Friday, I love my kids and I LOVE that they love one another.

Em: Bunk off college so you can watch Scary Movie with me?

Tom: Can't, wont get my EMA.

Em: Tell them its against your religion to work after 11.15am on 30th September. And that you have AIDS.

Tom: Foolproof

For that to really work you have to imagine Tom's last comment delivered with a perfectly raised single eyebrow.  Sardonic is his middle name.

Tom & Em, Christmas Eve 2009


  1. Love that!! My kids are 11, 9 and 6, and they hate each other. Please God, one day let them learn to get along!!!

  2. Don't worry Gillian my two have had to be pulled apart in the past occasionally too! I think being a boy and a girl has really helped and they dont compete because she is an out-going, party animal that works full time and he is much quieter, more academic. He says "she is the beauty, I am the brains" which about covers it!


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