Wednesday, 7 September 2011

James Brown London Intensive Mask for Hair

My hair has been looking a bit shit lately tbh.  Really dry and frizzy in spite of my super ionic hairdryer and my ceramic brush.  It all came to a head (pun intended) on Sunday morning when whilst doing breakfast for 13 I had the mother of all hot flushes, every pore on my bottom (rofl thats a typo worth leaving in!) BODY! opened and sluiced out water, was even sweating around my eyes, was absolutely vile and I could not cool down, trying to serve breakfast and look calm and professional was not happening and then as a final insult I caught sight of my reflection and realised that my hair had turned into a mass of frizz that would have freaked out Don King.
I wasn't smiling.
As the only options seemed to be either shave it off or feed it up I decided a hair mask might be a good start so went to see what Boots had to offer.

And what I found was this:
Blog pics-3
James Brown London Intensive Mask for Hair.  The thing that appealed most was that you could apply it to dry hair, so there was the option of slapping a bit on when you got into bed and leaving it on overnight without the trauma of going to bed with wet hair, which according to my mum when I was 7 and hair dryer phobic would almost certainly lead to my premature death.
Blog pics-4
Nice thick consistency!

At £8.16 a tube its not a bad price but for £4 a tube its bloody bargainous!  Boots have a 2 for £8 deal on lots of hair care currently, including James Brown stuff, so I picked up 2 tubes for less than the price of one - result!

Now I have rather contrary hair, whilst its dry and frizzy and there is lots of it, it is rather fine so I have generally found masks left my hair feeling sleek and glossy but often a bit lank and flat with no oomph.  When I used this last night I washed my hair twice this morning, just a tiny dollop of shampoo to clean the mask off and then a 2nd tiny dollop to actually clean my hair.  Used my usual conditioner and applied a squirt of serum as usual too.  Once I had dried my hair the results were magnificent! I had a glowing, lustrous mane of hair that was full, bouncy and sleek with no frizz and no tell-tale lankness either! 

The mask smells heavenly and is quite a thick, cream but it soaks into your hair, rather than sitting on it in a claggy, nasty way.  On the tube it is suggested you leave it on for 10 mins but I quite like my "go to bed looking like a banshee and wake up a goddess" approach!

If your hair is having a menopause of its own, or just in need of a bit of tlc I can strongly recommend this!


  1. Yes my hair is having a menopause of its own. I stocked up on James Brown last year or maybe it was earlier this year when tubes of it were free with Glamour magazine and found it suprisingly effective. Thanks for the post....I just need something for the rest of me now, I feel like I have been perimenopausal for the past 10 years, roll on 52. Jan xx

  2. This sounds like a product that would appeal to me, thanks!

  3. Hi Jan, nice to see you back! I was surprised too I have to say, never expect much from hair stuff that costs less than £20 a pop! Will def be trying some of the other James Brown products.

    Hi Bettina, its well worth picking up a tube to see what you think, for the smell alone.

    To update I used this on Sunday and my hair is still way less frizzy than usual, I think I prob need to do a dollop 2 nights a week rather than one and perhaps be a bit more generous with it too, but still impressed!


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