Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Charles Worthington Dream Hair - on trial

Am usually a salon product only type of person when it comes to my hair. My hair is my crowning glory and where I let my control freak run wild. Getting my arse exercised into shape is waaay too much like hard work so my hair takes the brunt, most fat girls have great hair and nails - check next time you are shopping, the stuff that's easy to fix we fix, unless we are inherently lazy and then that's a different kind of fat. Whole other story.

So salon stuff all the way and had been using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny £10 ish for shampoo and £11 ish for conditioner. It was nice but a bit boring. On Sunday spent a little more than I had envisaged on make up (see UNE post!) so thought I should be a good girl and buy cheap hair stuff. Spent ages scanning all that Boots had to offer and having opened and sniffed so many bottles of shampoo was starting to develop holes in my septum I found the Charles Worthington Dream Hair stuff which quite frankly smells delish. I am Taurean. (hence being "well upholstered". Like a bull.) Taureans are sensuous types, we like taste, texture and smell a whole big lot (see Prada post!)

So I got the Charles Worthington Dream Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Vitamin styling spray based purely on its smell. Decided there was no way I could post about this til I had used it for a week - you don't care how it smells, you want to know if it works, right? So this is a mid-test round up and so far I am thinking this stuff should come with a good hair day guarantee. Loving it.

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