Friday, 23 April 2010

Come home Steve...

I need to do my nails! A week of laundry, making beds, washing dishes and cleaning has really taken its toll and my nails haven't had nail varnish on them for a week, almost unheard of! Steve due back at 6pm this evening so I will hand him the iron and nip off to sort out my poor working hands and will follow up with a nail related post ............ watch this space!

In the mean time a quick snap of Em's body art (sounds so much more refined than "tat" don't you think?!) I'm 44, when I was 18 the only people with tattoo's were sailors, hookers and vile people. I reacted like a 44 year old mum when Em announced her intention to mutilate the body I have spent almost 18 years protecting, nourishing and loving. She reacted like a 17 year old. Bit of a Mexican stand off - isn't parenting teens one long game of brinkmanship? At least with teen sons its easy - threaten to tell them their birth story! Girls not so freaked by that.

I googled "what to do when your teenager wants a tattoo" (thank god and all that is holy for google!) The first piece of advice? "Don't say no". I was off to a flying start, dont you think! She was clearly googling "how to make my mum do what I want, all the time, with very little argument" or similar because we both sat down and had an adult discussion with some compromises. This is the result.

Of course I now have to confess to thinking it's rather cute! Oh and that's ink, not blood on her neck btw! I think.
Have a fab weekend x


  1. Oh, I lied about the compromises.

  2. My wonderful tattoo that I love very much!
    Shall be having the second one come 15 May !!!


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