Sunday, 18 April 2010

UNE Make up

A new blog! About make up! Hardly high brow I know but so right up my street don't know why it has taken me this long!

Anyone that knows me, and frankly no one that doesn't is probably ever going to find this blog!, will know that I am make up obsessed with a special emphasis on all things nail related - years of nail biting to blame for that! I can think of nothing nicer than treating myself to a must have sheer lipstick (don't do gloss or creme lipstick) when things don't seem to be going my way, smile and everyone thinks your nuts, slick on a new lipstick and who cares what they think? I am an advertisers dream with the eye of a magpie, although would never buy something because of the packaging I would definitely not buy if the packaging was naff.

Today was on the hunt for a mascara. Not strictly true. I was going to Boots to buy a new L'oreal Telescopic mascara because the one I currently own is a year old, ye gods its a wonder I haven't got a permanent case of conjunctivitus, or however you spell that. Anyone en route to the L'oreal stand I spotted the UNE stand.

Have tried to find out a bit about this online but information is a bit lacking, apparently it is actually from Bourjois (which I think is linked to Lancome?) and has an emphasis on natural products and using organic ingredients. So knit your own lippy kind of stuff. Not really an eco warrior and it certainly wasn't this "ooh lets all save the planet and looks lush whilst we do it" philosophy that grabbed me, it was the shades of the eye shadows. They are all very muted and earthy and I had decided, this morning, that at 43 slapping on sparkly silver eye shadow was quite frankly laughable and I was starting to look like a transvestite version of my former self. Time, I thought, for some grown up make up - leave the sparkly stuff to Emily and her friends. I had looked at some Revlon matt eye shadow in Superdrug and was more inclined to paint my face with wattle and daube than something that dry and dreary - eye shadow as a metaphor for mid-life anyone?

The UNE eye shadows were a revelation, they are soft and blendable and sexy in an understated kind of way (you can see where I am going with this - if they are and I wear them, so will I be!) So first selected shade S15 which is a soft greyish brown at the front of the photo.


Its lovely and smudgy and then I decided that I would need a light base colour so next was S02, at the back. Note packaging - mirrored case and a teeny brush. TBH if you were going to apply the shadow with the brush you would need a week and the patience of a saint, I had neither so you can see the lovely great finger marks already in my shadow.

Then I spotted the sheer lips balm (weird plural there on lips but it is what it says on the tube!) Sucker for colour and sheer so this was a must have too in shade S03.


And then I slung in eye liner in S15 to go with the darker eye shadow. On reflection I might have been better going for a darker eye liner but I didn't want anything too harsh. The eye shadows are £8.99, Lips balm is £4.99 and the eye liner is £7.99. And anyone that mentions any of this to Steve will be boiled in oil, do I make myself clear?


Hope you like the new blog! The comments section is there to be used, I love feed back!

Post edit: If you do buy these eye shadows do make sure you have an eye shadow brush - they are very finely milled and then pressed I think, which makes them really soft and blendy but they cake up if you whack your greasy digit in them. Even if you aren't eating chips whilst applying your eye shadow. Cos who would do that? Anyway, yea use a brush. Or raid your daughters make up bag and wash and wash and wash some more the eye shadow brush you bought a million years ago that suddenly disappeared. Once you have got all the bronze sparkly eye shadow off YOUR brush, hide it at the bottom of your make up bag and prepare to lie through your teeth! In short these shadows apply much better with a brush and the one in the case is cute but utterly useless!


  1. Thought I'd be the first to comment on this informative piece of makeup journalism!
    Love the sound of the lip balm as I must buy one a week in my constant search for the perfect one! Will be purchasing soon.
    Have also just ordered the Max Factor foundation you recommended. Arrives on Friday - will let you know my verdct.

  2. you complete huny! thanks for commenting, I was starting to feel that I might be talking to myself! As the week has progressed using the UNE stuff I have become more and more impressed with all of it, the shadows have amazing staying power, no nasty raccoon face by 11am! and the lip balm is just fab, feels really nourishing but not at all gloopy. As for foundation - still loving Max Factor Second skin but have also had a dabble with the new Boots No 7 Essentially Natural Mineral foundation which also looked like it was missing that hideous powderyness that some foundations feel they need, so might try for a sample of that to test for my loyal reader!

  3. I love these photos - shame its far too over priced for those of us who waste our money on things we don't need :)


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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