Saturday, 25 February 2012


Aveeno is one of those ranges that has just never piqued my interest, I knew it existed and apparently delivered but I always overlooked it for something that was less functional.  That was until Em had bad eczema on her wrists and a colleague of hers told her to buy Aveeno moisturising cream, which she did, within 2 weeks the eczema had healed.  I pinched a dollop of Em's Aveeno cream and was very impressed, the difference in my skin was visible and lasting.  

I have been using an inexpensive shower gel recently, I like the smell but had really noticed that my skin was feeling much drier post shower than it did when I was using the Korres shower gels that I bought on holiday in Crete (am definitely going to purchase more Korres shower gels!).  I decided that perhaps my skin could use a bit of a hand so headed off to Boots with Aveeno on my list.

All the Aveeno products were 20% off so I decided to pick up a few things. I was particularly interested in the shower oil.

As you can see it's a nice thick oil, it emulsifies with the water and feels great on your skin, leaving it feeling very comfortable but with no greasy residue.  It doesn't really have a fragrance, sort of an odd biscuity smell really, so I tend to use my fragranced shower gel for washing and then use a dollop of this as a final skin rinse.  You can also squirt some of the oil into a bath and I think it would be fantastic used in this way - I have no bath so can't try it sadly. I think this would be ideal to add to baths for babies and little people with eczema - I wish I had had it back when Em was little and really suffering.

The Daily Moisturising Lotion is also fragrance free and doesn't have the biscuity smell of the oil either.  It feels very cooling and soothing and it really does improve the appearance of my skin.  It does feel a little sticky when I put it on my legs, not so much on the rest of my body and it's not a deal breaker but I'd like it more if it didn't!

The hand cream is very very effective.  The body lotion and the hand cream both claim to moisturise for 24 hours and I really feel that they do, the hand cream also claims to last through hand washing and I would also agree that it does.  Again no fragrance and I do prefer my hand cream to smell nice, but it is incredibly effective, it instantly makes my hands feel soft but leaves no residue.  

I would definitely recommend Aveeno if you have little people with eczema, or have it yourself, or if you are looking for something that actually works.  Bit of a dull post, back to lipstick and nail varnish for the next one!


  1. I have an Aveeno Facial Moisturiser that I bought in the US and it's still going!

    I think Aveeno's packaging just doesn't stand out in the store when everything else has bells and whistles on it but it is a great brand. :D

    1. Yep, I think you are right, it certainly didn't leap off the shelf and I only purchased because I had seen such good results on Em's skin. xx

  2. The Aveeno moisturising creamy oil is absolutely brilliant. It's really wet and glides on like an oil but is as nourishing as a thick cream. Plus because it's so light, it dries really quickly and doesn't leave any stickiness behind. It's a stupid name really because it's just a white lotion.


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