Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Finally NYX v Tom Ford!

I don't think a post on this blog has ever had a bigger build up!  I was so excited to try the NYX eye shadows that they arrived, were photographed in pristine condition with 2 different cameras, swatched on my freshly shaven arm, then my hand twice; once without UDPP and once with and applied to my freshly cleansed eyes all within an hour of delivery!  I am going to keep the words to a minimum as there are a tonne of photos.


Top is with flash, bottom is without.  Seriously, aren't these beautiful?  The shades clockwise from the left are Golden, Rust, Walnut and Red Bean Pie.

All are described as shimmer and/or metallic.

Rust - a dupe for MAC Cranberry too apparently!
Red Bean Pie - poss dupe for MAC Trax or Sketch?? Similar gilded purple shade.

 Beautiful.  In terms of texture they are all soft and smooth, Red Bean Pie is the only one that was a bit dusty and you can see that in the swatch pics.

Rust, Golden, Red Bean Pie, Walnut both pics in natural light.

The longer swatch is without UDPP and the smaller dot below is with it
 Hope this isn't too many pics?  I am always disappointed with blog posts with 2 or 3 pics, hope you feel the same way!

Dear God, I have sent myself to sleep with all these pics!
 I decided to apply them to my eyes without using UDPP, just to see how they lasted without and also because as the swatches looked so intense with it I thought using the shadows first without might be a bit less scary!

 Initially I put Golden all over my lower lid - it was very golden indeed!  I then put Walnut on the outer corner of my eye and then Rust into the crease, at this point I was wondering if this was all going to come together or not!  I decided to spread Walnut over the whole lower lid to take down some of the brassy'ness.  I then felt the whole thing really needed grounding so I applied Urban Decay Whisky pencil on upper and lower lash and water line, which seemed to suddenly pull everything together.  I then ran a bit of Hustle from the Naked palette over the lower lash line and then smudged a bit into the crease to take down Rust which was dominating.  It was only after blending that I realised that Red Bean Pie might just have been perfect instead of Hustle - next time!

Now all I need is some one to buy me the Tom Ford Burnished Amber Quad and I can do a proper comparison!  But here are the pics, what do you think:
Thanks again Klara for the pics of the real deal!

 Not a dupe, of course, but not totally wide of the mark either!  Hope you enjoyed this marathon of a post!


  1. I totally forgot to thank Klara for the use of her photo of the Tom Ford quad again, sorry Klara! xx

  2. I think thats a fantastic dupe and they look great on you!

    1. Thanks Charlie, it was fun trawling the internet for NYX dupes and I am pleased with how they look on too! x

  3. It is great that you have posted all the color swatches with so much care and from the palette as well as after application.It has a nice glide and flow after use...like the earth shades too.

    1. Thank you, these are lovely eye shadows and I would definitely recommend them.

  4. Those berry/warm colours look great on you. Sorry I haven't commented in a while but now I'm going off to check that you haven't wearing any rogue pasty looking makeup! lol

    1. lol 'rogue pasty looking makeup'! Not guilty, nothing pasty here! xx


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