Monday, 6 February 2012

EOTN & fancy dress.

18th Birthday of a friends' son on Saturday eve and it was fancy dress.  The words that strike fear into the heart of anyone that abhors attracting any more attention than is absolutely necessary, I hate it.  Anyway needs must, I settled on Puss in Boots on basis that I had black leggings and black boots and could hire a shirt and a hat with a feather in it and once I removed the hat I would be dressed in "normal" clothes!  I have nothing but admiration for people that go all out for fancy dress, I just have no desire to go out looking any worse than I need to!  Anyway having settled on the outfit on Saturday eve I decided to do a pretty full on eye make up, with no time to spare I suddenly realised that it might have been an idea to have had a bit of a practice.  Initially I thought I'd go for a full on black smoky eye but decided that could look a bit hard so I thought I'd add some silver and then I had a flash of inspiration and thought "cat"!  Which meant green, in my head at least.  So this is what I came up with:

I use black pencil to do the flick out at the side first (still not happy with that I am not sure it works on me and on one eye it went up and out and the other along and out which took some sorting!) then on the lash line top and bottom.  I filled in the outer triangle with Creep from the Naked palette, then decided to put Gunmetal the same palette on my mobile lid.  Then added a dash of GOSH Golden Green next to that and finally Halfbaked into the corner and taken underneath my eye on the inner corner as well.  Blended like a demon.

I was really pleased with how it turned out and if I am being honest I didn't think I looked too bad in the full Puss in Boots costume, so here's a couple of pics!

 Bloody hell!  So come on then, fancy dress - love it or loathe it?


  1. Brilliant idea! I hate fancy dress with a passion, but you've come up with an excellent one there. I'm going to try and remember that should the need arise! Makeup looks beautiful too x

    1. Thanks Gillian, it was much less of a trauma than it might have been, def worth remembering! Thanks for you nice comment. x

  2. OOh love your makeup here you look fab xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Have to admit every time I come to my blog I think to myself that I need to write another post asap to get these bloody pics of me off of the top of it! xx

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