Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The big decision has been made....

Had decided that I love Max Factor Dazzling blue on my toes for my holiday pedi but was torn between something totally different on my fingers or something different but toning, class or clash if you will!

Whilst I was deciding thought I'd give Max Factor freebie Disco Pink a whirl. I just don't get it. If I was going to give someone a free sample of a product of mine in the hope it would encourage them to buy more they would get the very best of everything that I could offer and yet every time I get a freebie sample nail polish (Nails Inc on InStyle magazine) the brush is ten types of crap. This one has horribly splayed bristles that drag the polish and make neat application nigh on impossible, why would you do that. I compared the paid for Dazzling blue brush with the one in the freebie pink and they are leagues apart, both same size and design bottle so thats no excuse.

Anyway rant over, the pink is nice but nothing fab, just doesn't have the hotness I was hoping for, bit too dark toned. I had hoped it would be just right as the clash option for my holiday mani but having seen it next to dazzling blue its just not cutting it so have opted for Rimmel Sky High, I love this polish, it wears well, goes on nicely and works really well with the dazzling blue, I think.

Swatch application not proper mani btw and managed to smudge the Rimmel whilst smearing cuticles with a bit of hand cream into the bargain! So thats this evening sorted, bit more packing and then paint my nails!

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