Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tag. You're it - pass it on!

Now with links that work - sorry about that!

Leanne at OCD tagged me and so I am playing along, although I only have 3 followers and they all follow Leanne's blog too so maybe I can tag you and you can play along by commenting on here instead? I will tag another blogger that Leanne didn't yet and hope they spot this, just to keep things moving along - preferably someone with rather more than 3 followers!! Aagh and I have just noticed that I was also tagged by Sexy Mutha pukka - but as Deborah Smyth Photography, my alter ego - sorry Shabana!

So the rules are:
Link to your tagger and list the rules
List seven random facts about yourself.

So here goes, seven things you never wanted to know about me:

I am 44 years old and so older and much wiser than many bloggers. And saggier and more grey haired too, oh the joy.
I have crap nails, they flake and peel and I spend my entire life trying to coax them into looking nice.
I like making people laugh. Although prefer if that can be "with" me rather than "at" but will take either!
I hate all forms of exercise apart from spinning, which is pretty contrary considering that I could do yoga but prefer 50 mins cycling for my life lathered in sweat and gasping for breath.
I am Taurean which is my excuse for being "curvy", self indulgent and self obsessed.
I am an amateur photographer and would love to earn my money through photography.
I currently own a guest house with my husband Steve in West Yorkshire but earn my money selling advertising on an agricultural machinery magazine.

I tag:
Rebecca at Nails Etc
Victoria - just leave me a comment, or tell me at Cereals and I'll post them for you!!
Rebecca - just leave me a comment too please, please, please!

1 comment:

  1. Debbie, I saw your comment! For some reason your blog just hasn't been popping up on my reading list, hopefully that's fixed now :)
    I guess you want me to tell you 7 things about me? I'll do it on my blog and mention that you tagged me.


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