Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Deviations, departures and new directions.

I have decided that my blog is no longer going to be exclusively beauty based.  I started blogging because I spent a lot of my time emailing friends and family saying "bought this at the weekend, its fab, you should buy it" and decided that rather than spamming them with email recommendations I would be better putting it onto a blog and then they could choose whether or not to read it.  Most of them seem not to! Although they do still email me and say "I need x sort of product, what would you recommend?" which I am very happy about.  

Once I started with the blog I got swept up in the whole quest for page views, readers and the longing for an email from a PR.  Of course I have now realised that this is pointless; there are more beauty blogs than there are lipsticks and whilst its a huge pie unless you are aiming to work as a freelance writer or want to make money from your blog the frenzied amount of work required to garner more than a tiny morsel of it is overwhelming!  Post daily?  Are you sure? 
Blogging is a hobby and as such should be fun, feeling envious of someone else's page views is just not a constructive emotion in the grand scheme of things so why bother, I am never going to earn my living writing, its just something I enjoy and trying to do it to a timetable is tearing the arse out of it for me.  

So whilst I will still be blogging about make up, because I will still be buying it and I will still be loving it I am also going to post about more random "life" stuff. Rather than my toe-hold in the world of beauty blogging this blog is going to become my online place to vent, think and discuss with photos, thoughts and feelings.  It may contain swearing, just a warning!  I try to be ladylike but sometimes a sweary word just adds to the humour and I do like to try to be amusing, apologies in advance for that!

So a bit of a departure but not a fundamental change, hope you'll come with me for the journey and see where we end up!


  1. I for one am looking forward to your new expressions on here including swearyness. I think it's great when someone embraces their blog for all the right reasons and I totally agree with your decision. It's your blog and you should do as you wish with it.

    I've never understood the whole numbers thing and don't intend to try either. For me also, blogging is about sharing info and a passion for the cosmetics industry.


  2. Oh, thank you for that! It's great to know that I am not already driving people away in droves, not that there were droves of them here in the first place!! I just want it to be fun again and I am sure this is the right thing for me to do to make it so! xx

  3. Here here! My traffic has taken a nose dive since May/June and I was upset about it at first and then I thought who cares, it's summer people are outside enjoying what little sunshine we have in this country.

    I enjoy blogging when I don't think about traffic too. I'm just glad you aren't leaving us, I want to read what you are up and what you've bought if it's a lipstick, shoes, or a new dishwasher! :D

  4. Eek, Annabella if I ever post about buying a new dishwasher I expect you to send me a very strident email suggesting I up my game!! xx

  5. Totally agree Debbie. I'm not remotely arsed about those kind of things. I blog because I WANT to, if no-one reads it that's fine. You should blog about what you want to, when you want to. As long as you do that, you'll be A1. I for one cannot wait to hear all about your exploits! Beauty related or otherwise.

  6. Thanks hun! I got my knickers all in a knot for a while and its so beyond pointless, I am just glad I realised whilst there was still time to redress the balance and blog for the fun of it, not to compete! First "new" style blog post is in drafts, watch this space!! xx

  7. I'm really looking forward to reading your "normal" posts.

    I must admit I get sick of seeing the same item blogged about over and over again.

    You should blog about what makes you happy, if people want to read it then great it's a bonus. xx

  8. Thank you Daniella, on the upside being devoid of PR samples prevented me from blogging same old stuff that everyone else was doing, which is good! Glad you like the idea of "normal" or what passes for that here and thanks for the support xx

  9. I don't mind what you blog about. Don't get me wrong, I love the makeup stuff, but I enjoy the way you write, you're my kind of woman! It certainly gives me a smile when I read a new post, so thanks for finding the time to keep us entertained x

  10. Hi Gillian

    thank you so much, I am beyond flattered that you enjoy the way I write, what a lovely thing to say! x


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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