Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Korres Shower Gels

When I was in Chania on the Friday of my holiday I nipped into a chemist having spotted some Korres products through the window.  I have only seen them occasionally in the UK, mainly because they don't feature highly on my rader, I am sure they are more readily available in the Trafford Centre than I realise. 

I am a citrus addict - I am loving Boss Orange Sunset at the moment and since wasting an hour in duty free I have a massive need to own Aqua Allegoria Manderine Basilic, it is the most incredible fresh burst of a fragrance and I am determined that it will be mine, tbh kicking myself for not just buying it there and then.  Anyway, so in this chemist I found Korres Citrus shower gel, the smaller bottle was 5 Euro and this big on just 8 Euro 50, I had no idea how that compared to the pricing in the UK but fell in love with the smell so bought it anyway.
When I used it for the first time I was really impressed with how well it lathered, usually shower products that are "free from" everything nasty under the sun produce a rather thin, mean lather.  Not this one, a nice amount of bubbles, terrific natural fragrance and I really did notice the difference in how my skin felt - bear in mind I was spending pretty much all day every day laying in the sun so it was pretty dry too.  

Of course having got all the way back to the hotel I realised a bottle each of the shower gel would make perfect present for my mum and sister.  Managed to find a chemist in Platanias and with my face pressed against the window spotted the Korres stand. Went on the Saturday morning only to find it was closed so set off on my last morning determined to get there when it was open.  It was a comfortable 25 degrees, I was strolling along in my sun glasses and a vest top (hideous - would never go out like it at home) and it took about 20 mins there and 20 mins back.  I got mum the Jasmine shower gel, a citrus one for my sister and having gone to all that trouble thought I should have the Vanilla Plum for myself!  Strolled back a happy bunny purchases in the bag.
At lunch time I was moaning to Em that my hair was irritating my back.  Then that my arms were feeling really rather sore.  At that point she took of her sunglasses and said "oh mum".  I had burnt my chest, arms and back and my face - and because I had been wearing sunglasses I had a broad white stripe across my eyes, I looked like a red and white raccoon!  I was incredibly lucky that my back didn't blister, it felt as if it might but some good advice from Simone and Gisele Mir via twitter (thank you ladies!) meant I managed to avert that disaster, although I have since peeled.  I was so cross as I had been so careful too.

So, having left the UK with no shower gel I came home with 4!  The citrus one is lovely for when I want a pep up shower and the vanilla plum is a darker, more musky scent that I also love although its impossible to describe and not as vanilla as I had thought.  Now wishing I had also bought the Vanilla Cinammon one.  

These can be bought online from Look Fantastic and the 250ml bottles are £7.50, would definitely recommend if you like your shower gels free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils.


  1. Your preaching to the choir man! I love Korres and so does James - we usually have about 4 or 5 on the go! :D

  2. Hi Annabella, good to know I am in good company with these then! Am still very impressed with how soft they make my skin feel, dont think I have experienced that from a shower gel before! x

  3. I first came across Korres a few years age, when I was flying, the crew used to stay at the Aphrodite Hills Resort in Cyprus, they have a Korres Spa there and so the rooms were stocked with Korres products, I still have several of the mini products that I stashed and use them on weekends away. Absolutely love them. Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Blimey Jude that all sounds very glam indeed, will of course now have to google the resort! xx


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