Thursday, 14 July 2011

NSpa Body Brush

Really quick post about a great product I picked up in Asda the other day!  I paid £1.59 for this NSpa body brush and massager, I had wanted to buy a body brush for a while, but never felt the need to spend a fiver on one, when I came back from my holiday my sun burnt skin felt like leather and some serious buffing was required, this seemed just the job.


I have a quick belt around with this before I leap in the shower and then slather on a bit of body lotion after the shower and my skin feels sooo much better - and it seems to be helping my tan to last, result!  Not sure what the massage "nubs" are supposed to do, guess if I used it in the shower they would come into play a bit more, but that wasn't what I was buying it for.

If you are nipping into Asda I recommend grabbing one of these, for £1.59 you can't go wrong! 


  1. This looks like fun and for that prices James won't even notice! lol

  2. lol my thinking exactly, no one could quibble at £1.50!! xx


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