Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wedding Photos

Today I earnt my pennies as a wedding photographer, as always was a nervous wreck beforehand!  Am very pleased with the results, here are a couple of my favourites.
Mr & Mrs Donald!
The contrast between the dress and flowers is beautiful.


  1. Pretty! Check you out, i'll be mistaking you for Annie L next ;) xx

  2. Thanks hun! I only wish I was half as talented as she is. xx

  3. beautiful shots debs, what camera do u use??

  4. The photo of the dress and flowers is beautiful... xoLiz

  5. Yeah the bride is wearing blue! I love it when brides wear something other than white - she looks beautiful!

  6. Hi Jenny, its a Canon 450d or similar I think, not wildly expensive and I was only putting my case to OH for a super expensive one that would allow me to take fab pics in low light without flash last night. Water of a ducks back! Both taken with the f1.8 50mm prime lens, bloody brilliant lens and costs around £100 cant recommend enough to Canon users that want to take portraits.

    Thanks Liz, the contrast was stunning.

    Hi Annabella - do I take you aren't in white then??!

    Thanks Jane!

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment xxxx

  7. Gorgeous! The bride looks beautiful in that dress, and I love the closeup of her ring in front of the blazing warm petals against the cool blue. Lovely.


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