Saturday, 9 July 2011

NOTD - OPI Mermaids Tears

So Sally's are in the UK too, not just the US. Who knew? Erm, everyone apart from me it seems!!  I have Miss Merx and Caroline Hirons to thank for that earth shattering bit of info, I am eternally grateful, my wallet might not be!!

So ploughed in there on Friday to buy China Glaze Papaya punch, then I put it up against my hands and had a re-think.  Not completely convinced I could get away with it, but might have a longer look next time I go back.  I did pick up a China Glaze polish in Stellar, will do a NOTD with that soon.

I had gone into Sallys knowing I would find China Glaze, I had no idea they would have a massive OPI stand though. There were not words.  The girl behind the counter was equally thrilled, she had only been working there a week and we had some serious nail varnish bonding going on, she produced a wheel of blank nails and we went into a bit of polish frenzy to help me choose my purchase - at £10 a pop I didn't want to get it wrong.  In the end I settled for Mermaids Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

Usually when I am going on a nail varnish mission I do all my prep before I leave the house, cuticles done, nails shaped, base coat applied so that the minute I walk in the door I can try out my new polish.  That's a bit sad isn't it?  I like to think of the fact that I am so easily pleased as a strength, ok!!

So enough yadda yadda; pics!
In bright sunlight

In shade
 So there I am congratulating myself on having found something really unique - I love an usual shade of a popular colour and whilst the pale minty greens give me monster red hands, this one doesn't. I know they look red in the above pics, its cos I cant adjust the white balance on the crappy point and shoot!  And then I looked down again and thought "Models Own Grace Green" and my heart dropped, had I really just spent £10 on a dupe of a polish I already owned?  I tried to console myself by letting my polish snob take over "who cares OPI is waaay better" but wasn't totally convinced so dashed downstairs (we live in a basement, don't get me started) and rifled the polish drawer til I found Grace's Green.
 Not a dupe - Grace's green is much greyer tinged than Mermaids Tears.

Here are some old Grace's Green pics for further comparison:

See - murky & minty - ish!
Looking at these old pics its quite clear my nails are in way better nick these days - laying responsibility for that with Mavala Scientifique and Nailactan. Will. Never. Be. Without!!

So that was going to be a flash post, turned into a load of waffle! Happy Saturday folks. 


  1. Love OPI polishes and I spend far too many hours in my local branch of Sally's. Mermaids Tears really suits your skin tone. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. I've got this colour and I love it! What's this about Mavala Scientifique and Nailactan? I clearly am out of the loop on this one, so spill!!! x

  3. Hi Jude, I am dying to go back with a bit longer to browse this time, having had this on for 24 hrs and not sat around with my hands in the air refusing to touch anything wear is good - no chips!

    Hi Leanne, I completely love it and am so glad I got it any other OPIs you'd recommend? Scientifique is formaldehyde, you paint a teeny amount on your nail tips once a week and they become like tensile steel - has virtually eliminated my horrendous flakes that used to go up to my elbows, £5 in Boots. Nailactan is a very hydrating cream you put on every night last thing at night so that it sits on your nail bed overnight. It has really helped my cuticles, fine to use over nail varnish though they recommend you use it once a week on the bare nail, £15 in Boots but I have had mine since Feb, although not using daily so much any more. Would highly recommend both, scroll down labels to Mavala for more info! xx

  4. Loves it! I didn't realise there were any Sally's in the UK either well one in London but not anywhere else. I got my China Glaze from their mail order which is just as bad as coming across a shop!

    Thanks for the comparison with Grace Green, I have that one and Mermaid's Tears definitely looks more colourful! x

  5. Hi Annabella, glad the comparison was useful! Hope you have found a Sallys near you too! x

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