Sunday, 1 May 2011

GOSH - Golden Green & Coral single eye shadow.

Have been a crap blogger of late and its not for want of things to post! As I have the attention span of a slug and always love my newest thing most I am starting with my newest thing, which means there are lots of week old things on my bedside table which are currently feeling a tad disgruntled. So be it.

Em and I went to the Trafford Centre yesterday and I found my Summer perfume, I think - fell in love with Acqua Di Parma Colonia Edc although at the mo its a toss up between that and Eau de Sisley 1, so going to have to drag him to TC and do a squirt on each arm and let him decide, suspect he will think the Colonia is too strident and masculine, whilst I think the Sisley might be too floral, will keep you posted!

Newest thing; have had a craving for a lime eye shadow since I bought the matt blue Revlon one, just knew the lime would ramp things up a bit and make sure the blue never managed to look frosty and frumpy, which is a permanent terror.  Not sure if the GOSH single eye shadows are new, they looked it?  Fell instantly in love with Golden Green, which whilst not lime is a bright but wearable green.  Have also been going through a massive orange phase of late and had an urge for a peachy coral eye shadow, on the basis that it could lift my beloved UD Naked palette into new heights for Spring Summer, see how much thought I give this stuff?!  For one brief moment I hemmed and hawed; green or coral? Then gave myself a mental slap - at £4.99 each whats to decide!

Love the shiny boxes, packaging magpie that I am! Love whats inside them even more.

At the mo the offer is a free velvet eye liner with each mono shadow so I picked up Ocean Mist for me and a black to give to Em.

When we left Superdrug I had a dab of coral and a dab of golden green on my hand with a slick of the blue eye liner and they were tweaking something in my memory but I struggled to place it, and then it came to me - Butter London Spring Summer 2011 collection! Bright green that looks like new leaves, pinky shade for blossom and grey blue for April showery skies - I had bought the eye equivalent! 

I had originally planed to pair these with blue and browns, but once the Butter London collection planted itself in my head I felt the need to do an eye using all three!

Excuse the shocking eye brows!  I was really pleased with how this turned out and was feeling fab til I was in Co-op with OH and he turned to speak to me and said "god, with the light on  your eyes I can really see that eye shadow. I didn't realise quite how much you had put on".  Try as I might I struggled to find a positive in that to be honest! As he knows nothing about anything I decided just to ignore him!
The shadows are lovely to work with, nicely pigmented, soft and blendable without being crumbly and not at all chalky.  They both have some gold in them, I hesitate to use the word shimmer, I don't think either really shimmer, more of a satin finish maybe?
You can see the gold in both quite well in this photo.   I put the shadows over UDPP and they have lasted all day, no creasing or fading and I am really pleased with them and plan to add some more colours to my collection next time I am shopping.

A quick note on the velvet pencils - wow. These are £4.99 if you aren't buying a shadow and again they are fab, really creamy soft and smudgeable if thats your wish. The range of colours is exactly what we have come to expect of GOSH, was really torn between the blue and a darker purple that was gorgeous but in the end was glad I went for the blue, have a hankering for a nice bright violet too now! Em loved the black one and has gone out tonight with it smudged all round her eyes and damn sexy it looks too!

As if all that wasn't enough I have found that Coral makes the most fantastic blush! Had a swoop round with a big brush and Robert is your dad's brother, lovely! 


  1. Genius Debbie!! Bloody effing genius! And I could do no better! I am not one to pair blue on blue eyes but the fact that you had the pink which clashed with the green made the whole look work. I love how it's popped your eye colour out! I love it! Are you encroaching on my territory now? Hehe well done and beautiful results! XX

  2. Praise indeed Mr S, sat here thrilled to bits that you liked it and equally appalled that you have seen my brows in such disrepair, I feel such a slattern! Thank you as ever for such a lovely comment. xx

  3. Lol, not at all, I like what I see. And your brows are fine. Sometimes it's not really about how neat or how perfect? It's the overall. And you've done a marvellous job xx

  4. I love reading your posts - so informative and funny! Plus I always love your images.

    My Makeup Savvy radar is definitely going off with these Gosh products - I mean... new products, shiny packaging, only £5, with a free product, also can be used as a blush (the pink one ofcourse)! What more is there to say!

    Thanks for this post as I do hardly ever go into Superdrug, so will have to make a special trip now :)

    Fee x

  5. Morning Fee, thanks for your lovely comments which mean a lot coming from such a fab blogger! Actually its funny that you qualified your comment re using them as a blush - I had been giving some serious thought to having a real play around, extending the eye colours off my eye and using the green as a blush, could be interesting! Well worth a nip into Superdrug as there seemed to be quite a lot of fresh new products to play with! xx

  6. Hello! First.... you are a hoot! I also love what you did with those two shades! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I'm going to try this- it's so FRESH!
    xx jeanie

  7. Hi Jeannie, yay women of the world will be wearing clashing eye shadow, we will reclaim colour and wear it with pride. And our husbands will look perplexed. Which frankly for a lot of them will still be a more intelligent look than their usual dumb confusion! Just as well we love them. (He reads this sometimes!!) x

  8. LOL! Actually, I used to have a *smart* pant suit (omg, I'm so aging myself right now)that was pink with this same shade of green trim. It was very late 80's early 90's.

    Now I wonder why I usually wear shades of night.... gray, taupe and black! xx jeanie

    PS my DH doesn't want to read what I type =)

  9. That's really REALLY pretty. I need to try more GOSH products. I have only the lip balm, which I swear is a dupe for Chantecaille Lip Chic at half the price. Pink and green worn together have been a favorite of mine for decades, long before the Preppy Handbook came out and showed Yankees wearing pink spouting whales embroidered on their leaf green wide-wale cords, lol.

  10. Fabulous blending Debbie, love the shades you picked as well. Hawt! xx

  11. Hi Zuzu's Petals, glad you like it - thanks for the lip balm tip, will have to check it out when I am next in Superdrug. Thinking I might have to try one of their brow pencils too, and the liquid eye liner!

    Simone, thanks hun! xx

  12. Looks gorgeous on you. I have the peach shadow too its so pretty, not used it as a blush yet though. GOSH have become one of my favourite brands lately and im dying to get my hands on the eyebrow pen but its sold out at the moment xx

  13. Hi Nicoletta, thanks! Have to agree re GOSH, loving everything I have tried! Will keep my eyes peeled for brow pens as would like to try something other than my clinique superfine liner for a change! x

  14. I'd never have thought of using those two colorus but they look gorgeous :)
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