Friday, 9 July 2010

NOTD 8 - Jessica Venus was her name

I am in love! This is the most gorgeous nail varnish ever, ever. Dark charcoal grey in some lights, bright shimmery purple in others. Application is a dream - it's Jessica what else could you expect. This is 3 coats, did 2 last night and then wrapped my tips and a 3rd coat this morning. Am convinced tip wrapping prevents chipping but also really like how "finished" it makes the ends of your nails look. It's tricky with thick, gloopy polish but a breeze with something as good as this.

Photos. Doing. My. Head. In. I cannot get them right and it's what I do for goodness sake, people pay me to take photos for them and I can't even take pics of my own nails. Have resorted to using smaller photos so the blurry hideousness is less obvious.

Check out that purple shimmer. Outside in sun

See the finish tip wrapping gives. You can see the grey side to this in the bottle. Outside in sun

Indoors with flash, best shot of both grey and purple

One last photo attempt for the day - the old faithful wall outside the back door does it again! At least this one is in focus! Thanks for bearing with me on the photo front!

So pleased with this and am now dying to try the other two Jessicas from Rae!

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