Monday, 19 July 2010

People Tree - Humanity in Fashion please sign the petition.

Hi all, just having a lunch time peruse of the Daily Mail website and spotted an article by Liz Jones on the factories in India that produce our "Primarni" clothes, amongst others. Florence and Fred, Tescos, Calvin Klein and H&M are all mentioned. Really don't like Liz Jones but in this instance I was impressed. There is a link at the bottom of the article to the People Tree website asking you to go to their online petition and they are asking for signatures before the 26th July requesting the Bangladeshi Government increase the minimum wage for garment workers threefold. It will only take a second of your time to sign the petition, so please do. And if you blog and have lots of followers then a link to the petition on your website would do loads more good than it will on mine! Sorry to get all heavy and stuff!

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