Sunday, 29 August 2010

NOTD 10 - Modesl Own In the Navy

Went on a mission to find slate green and grey purple and was so disappointed that they still weren't in Boots that I decided to console myself with a navy blue cream. Wasn't sure I really needed this and wasn't sure how much I'd love it as I was concerned it would be so dark it would look black in all but the strongest of light. I was so wrong on both counts! I love this, had forgotten how fab dark polishes look after a Summer of pastels!

This is a lovely glossy navy blue, realised when I got home all the dark blues I owned had shimmer or glitter and I think I prefer cream at heart. Application was good, I do find the Models Own brushes a smidge too long for me to get super neat application. I am seriously allergic to nail varnish remover, it literally makes my skin peel so it would be unthinkable to do a clean up with neat acetone, think my tips would drop off!

Love how dark glossy polishes make your hands look so sophisticated. Even mine which are sort of lobstery and squat!

Look at that navy loveliness.

I now seriously need a dark green cream I think!

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