Friday, 6 August 2010

A post for the more hirsute amongst us.

Having had to forego threading as part of the beauty spending embargo I found myself with a full beard and matching moustache. All those women in Victorian freak shows? They were just nearing menopause when the hair on your head all falls out and then grows in all manner of weird and wonderful places you'd really rather it didn't! Nipped into Boots at the weekend and invested in this:
Quite possibly the least glam thing I will ever post on this blog!

It was about £4.50, its in a little orange plastic dish and when you microwave it it melts and becomes really nice and sticky. Insert own disclaimer about contents being hot after microwaving and that slapping it onto your face without testing temperature could remove your face along with your moustache, thanks. I have a pretty random technique for this as I am a wimp. I dip my middle finger into the sticky wax, stick it onto offending area, pause, take a deep breath and then pull it off rapid style, I find the whole peeling off of set wax much to masochistic for my liking, especially on the top lip yeouch! Like most things that hurt once you have done a couple of bits the endorphins kick in and it hurts much less and boy does this stuff work. I was almost tempted to post a photo of the Rimmel gloss on my lips - thats how good this stuff is!

One tip, if you run a guest house and are microwaving your facial wax in your basement flat please please remove the wooden stick. Other wise the smoke alarm goes off and then you have to explain to all your guests stood in the cold in the car park that actually the whole place isn't on fire it was just your facial wax.......

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  1. Ha ha! Poor you having to explain that one away. I'm pleased to see this now comes in microwave formula. The one I have is a mini pan that you have to heat on the hob, I think that's why I switched to threading my own facial hair off. It's not as hard as you might think and much less likely to cause a fire or third degree burns!
    Jane x


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