Monday, 9 August 2010

TAG - a bit about moi - thank you Leanne!

Leanne at OCD has tagged me to answer some questions about myself so I will do my best to be honest! She sets 8 questions which I answer then I set 8 more and tag other bloggers to answer them. Here are Leanne's questions:
  1. All time favourite Nail Varnish?
  2. Who was your childhood hero?
  3. If you won the lottery, which cosmetic brand/counter would you be desperate to flash the cash at?
  4. You're house is burning down (oh no!), What 5 items do you save?
  5. For you, which cosmetic product is worth its weight in gold?
  6. What is the furthest journey you have made this year and why?
  7. What are the 3 most played songs on your iPod?
  8. Are you a shoes or handbag girl?

And my answers:
1. Just one? not sure that I can do that as it changes from day to day! Hmm, I guess I'll settle for Models Own Lilac Dream as its the one I keep coming back to at the moment.
2. Childhood hero - god, not sure I actually had one until my teens and then I thought Alison Moyet and Hazel O'Connor where the height of cool. Actually had the pleasure of meeting Hazel O'Connor recently and she is still pretty damned cool!
3. Clarins for skin care, Chanel for make up and Illamasqua for nail varnish - Wink would be mine in a flash!
4. Camera kit, wedding photo album (well, its almost an antique now!), my pandora bracelet, my wedding ring and the videos of the kids as babies (assuming kids, husband and dogs would round up their own 5 essentials a get themselves out!)
5. It has to be foundation, Max Factor Second Skin is one of the few foundations I have ever repeated purchased and I can't see me getting tired of it any time soon.
6. To Corfu with my baby girl for our hols and to celebrate her 18th Birthday.
7. Yoland Be Cool - We no speak Americano, David Guetta - No getting over you and Plan B - She said.
8. Handbag every time.

Thanks for tagging me Leanne it was fun.

Ok here are my eight questions:

1. What type of fragrance do you go for - floral, oriental, woody etc?
2. And what is your favourite perfume?
3. Long nails or short?
4. If you had £100 to spend on make up/nail varnish/skin care what would you buy?
5. What product would get your "Top stuff for under a tenner" vote?
6. Have you ever used a product that just did not deliver? If so what was it?
7. Go to the gym, eat healthily and look after yourself or bloody big pants?
8. You have a voucher for a beauty treat - what treatment would you have?

And I am tagging:
Karen at Frazzle and Aniploish
Ruth at A Model Recommends
Nikki at Nikki's nails
and Shiny at Oooh, Shinies!


  1. Glad to hear you're a handbag girl!!!
    Thank you for doing the necessary Debbie. ;D

  2. Thanks for the tag! I hope to answer these soon. :)


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