Sunday, 29 August 2010

Une - Cream to powder blusher

Whilst I was on holiday I had a bit of cash to splash and was struggling to find anything that was floating my boat. I have been reading lots of other beauty blogs and blushers get a lot of love on lots of them. I have always had issues with blusher, I can look quite pink cheeked and I have to confess to tanning (strike me down!) as having a brown face helps to play down this unneeded pinkness. When I have braved the gorgeous amazons that work on the make up counters they have suggested that I go for peachy shades, apart from one SA on a Bobbi Brown counter who was clearly working out her notice and having a right laugh making insane suggestions as she did it. Shocking pink blusher on me is so not a good look!

I may have mentioned that I am no longer in my twenties and I have dry skin, so adding anything powdery to my face would be a really bad idea and I always opt for cream blushers. The best results I have had have been with MAC cream blush and I have used Ladylike and and am currently using Uncommon, which is a sort of weird pink, beige, peach that I like because it gives a lovely sheen and just a hint of colour. The MAC creams are glossy heading towards greasy and I am not always surge that is a good idea.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I really like the UNE range of make up at the moment, its organic, which whilst not a key criteria is clearly no bad thing, is nicely packaged - more key and reasonably priced - most key! I had a dabble around with a few cream to powder blushers in Boots and lots of them seem to become really dry on application with none of the benefits I would associate with a cream blusher. The UNE blusher was less greasy than the MAC cream blusher but still retained the sort of dewy finish I like. I opted for shade B12, which is darker than a peach, more brick coloured I think.

In the pan it does look very dark.

Swatched on the back of my hand you can see that its glossy without being greasy,

I really like this because when you blend it in it gives a sheer wash of colour rather than a big bright splurge of it, which is ideal if you are a bit blusher phobic and never sure what really works for you!
there does appear to be some shimmer going on in this photo - there is none in the blusher so not sure where that has come from.
It gives a nice healthy glow and is buildable for a more intense pop of colour.

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