Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in snog

This might not have been an essential if I am being completely honest. But what is a life without treats? It's lovely actually, have only recently got into gloss as have sort of thought I was a bit old for gloopy slippy lips. Have now decided that as everything is crashing out at a rate of knots I might as well make the most of what youthfulness I have left to me and so I am glossing whilst I still can! Snog, hilarious name for a lip gloss on a 44 year old, although not as chuckle making as the daughters MAC in morning glory, its a sort of pearly pink and I think I'll leave that right there! So anyway Snog is a rose cream, I guess, its not pink as in girly pink, warmer than that so rose covers it. Its not sparkly which I do really think I am too old for, just has a bit of a shimmer and its not sticky which is great. Not discernible taste, unlike the MAC ones which are lush and taste of vanilla ice cream, I might treat myself one day, just for the taste!

Swatched on my hand in sunlight.

And rather more attractively, in the tube!


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  2. Beautiful picture and nice blog ! :) BTW, Is 32 too old for lip gloss too ? Sorry I just discovered lip glosses 2 years back :P


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