Sunday, 22 May 2011

Clairol Perfect 10 Hair colour to dye for

See what I did there? Yep, I am bigging up my own rather pathetic pun, sad really.  Apart from one very long winded and astonishingly scientific hair colouring post right back when this blog was a baby I have never really mentioned colouring my hair.

Which is rather odd as it is something that I do about once every 2 - 3 weeks, quite an oversight in fact!

I have been colouring my hair since I was 14, firstly with Toners (Rich Mahogany) then Glints (Pimento Red) and then I grew up and let the hairdresser do it (caramel, honey and red highlights and light brown base colour) and then when the greys became really persistant I went back to doing it myself at home.  I made the usual mistakes - why does the colour on the box never look like that when its on your head?  After lots of trial and error I bought my first box of Clairol Perfect 10 in Medium Ash Blond last July (in response to a bit of a hair trauma!) and have stuck faithfully to this range pretty much ever since - had a brief flirtation with a mousse home colour, loved the formula not the results.

Over the last 12 months I have had 3 different hairdressers, (yes I am picky and yes I will switch hairdresser the minute you lash up my cut) each one has asked about my colour and each has commented on how great the colour is and what fantastic condition my hair is in, all were surprised to hear that I was using a home colouring kit, kudos Clairol!

I have used Medium Ash Blond and Light Ash blond alternatively, just to prevent my hair getting too samey, I tend to use half the pack for a full head colour or divide it into 3 if I am only doing my roots, so not only does it give great results but it is stupidly inexpensive!  I recently had a dabble with lightest Ash blond which I felt was just too light for me, the greys seemed to dominate and with my pale skin and grey eyes I just felt that I was becoming almost invisible.  I needed a lift so last night nipped to Asda and purchased Dark Blond, plan being I'd get up 10 mins early this morning, slap on the colour whilst I brushed my teeth rinse it off in the shower, job done.

I did manage to get up 10 mins early, stumbled into bathroom and promptly mixed half the tube of conditioner with half the bottle of Activating cream, stirred it for a while trying to work out why it wasn't thickening up and then realised what I had done! Luckily had half the activating creme left so rinsed out the bowl and began again!  New hair colour done and upstairs by 8.15am to start work!

As usual I am really pleased with how this has come out, I think I had been rather sucked into the thinking that the lighter my hair the better, on reflection this darker more neutral shade is much more flattering on me, at least I think it is and response from the fam has been positive!

My hair feels lovely and is really shiny as well.

Think I will be sticking with this dark blond for some time, I really like how it doesnt completely mask your hairs own tones so it looks very natural, not fresh out of the box and this neutral shade is warm enough not to make me look like death!

 If you are thinking of a bit of home colouring I would definately recommend trying Perfect 10, it is one of the few colours I have used where the shade on the box is pretty much what you get on your head, most aren't even in the same colour spectrum, it smells fine, the conditioner is lovely and is the only one from a colour kit that I have actually used between colouring to keep my hair looking good and my hair is in great condition, whats not to love?!


  1. Looks great Debs, your hair is in very good condition. I swore I wouldn't do any more dye jobs at home (read: OH put his foot down after the bathroom looked like the colourant had exploded everywhere) but I may have to try this.... Hmmmmm

  2. Lol, yep Em used to do hers red at home, looked like a massacre had taken place - she got banned too! I am very careful with my dye and tbh this one isnt too runny and as its only 10 mins you can do most of it stood in the shower without turning into a prune!x


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