Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Trafford Centre haul

Have had such a lovely day! More than made up for not especially wonderful birthday and 22nd wedding anniversary!  Steve and I had a day to ourselves, we work and live together so are in pretty much the same place 24/7 but having a guest house full of guests, 2 kids, 2 dogs and another business each as well as the guest house "quality" time is in short supply.  

We aren't getting a holiday together again this year and our birthdays and our 22nd wedding anniversary came and went without much fanfare so we have decided to shut up shop on Sunday night and head up to Ripon when we have finished breakfast on Sunday morning and got rid of all the guests - there'll be no polite post-breakfast chatting on Sunday thats for sure!  I have booked a room in what according to Trip Advisor is a very nice hotel, LateRooms guests hurtle between loving and hating, so if its pants there will be trouble!  Have booked a table for dinner in an Italian Restaurant nearby and then on Monday we are going to Fountains Abbey before heading home Monday pm ready to see in the guests that are arriving that evening.  So Steve needed some new shirts for our "trip" away which is why he suggested the trip to the Trafford Centre today.

The last time I was there Em had managed to forget her card and I only had limited cash so I stood with a tube of Lanolips Lemonaid in my hand and had to put it back just in case that £9 was needed for a more important purchase later in the day.  Have regretted putting it back ever since and today I got to rectify that and am already addicted.  For those of you that don't know it is "An ultra rich & creamy whipped lanolin lip treatment with organic lemon oil to naturally exfoliate, leaving lips fresh, soft and moist".  It has a mouth watering, tart, freshly made lemonade smell to it but only a little hint of lemon flavour, it does feel incredibly rich on your lips and because it has some shimmer in it you end up with glossy, smooth, lemon scented lips with a hint of shimmer. Treats like a balm, looks like a gloss with no hint of stickiness, its my new love thing!

I had also been trying to convince Steve that I was worth £33 of Alpha H skin care, he has remained resolute that I am not. Rather than go without a decent moisturiser any longer I decided that I would march into John Lewis and purchase Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturiser for dry skin, as if it were my right, which worked!  Will do a proper review of this in due course, but first impressions are that it is much denser than I had anticipated - had thought I might have to go down the Superskin route - so I am hoping it will be just what my skin needs. 

I also picked up a 5 day sample of Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser - the SA in Boots was unable to give it to me because they "haven't had the pots delivered yet and if I put it into a pot and anything happens we would be liable" What on earth could happen - tinted moisturiser causes outbreak of plague perhaps? More like a case of "naff off you freebie hunting low life". Went to John Lewis where the Clinique SA was more than happy to play ball, although am assuming she paid for my sample out of her wages as I would need a face the size of a gnat for her sample to last 5 days. Oh well, it's free and I am planning to buy anyway!

So that was the haul.  Oh and Steve got some shirts too!


  1. I loved LE skin repair for the smell alone, it is the frankincense I think. I will be keen to see how you get on with the Clinique, I am still firmly on the fence with this one. Enjoy your break. Jan x

  2. i can already tell you debbie ur gonna love ur liz earle purchase...their stuff is amazing!!! loving the sound of that lip treatment...hope u and steve have a fab night away..u deserve it xx

  3. Hi Jan & Jenny, I am almost sure its really too soon to tell - but my skin appears to be loving the Liz Earle, I used it last night and this morning and am impressed with how rich it is. My skin is feeling very calm today and topped off with the Moisture Surge TM it is looking glowy and feeling fab, love it when things work!
    Jan - double cleanse tip on your blog, for that you are worth your weight in gold. I know its obvious when you think about it, cleanse once to remove make up and a second time to cleanse your skin but until I read it on your blog I never had, again have a feeling this is part of why my skin is looking in pretty good condition at the mo, so thanks for sharing that gem! xx


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