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Sanctuary Therapists Secret Facial Oil & Mir Argan Beauty Oil joint review

If you are a regular reader you will know that I have really dry skin.  I was recently going through a really dry phase when I was in Boots with a £5 voucher off facial skin care burning a hole in my pocket when I spotted the Sanctuary facial oil.  Without the voucher this would have been £17 which isn’t bad, for £12 it was a steal!

The oil is in a nice glass bottle with a pipette top, which initially I really liked – very apothecary. Reality is if you are as cack handed as me, a glass bottle, a tricky top and lashings of oil are not the best combination!  I did eventually work out that if  you hold the bottom of the bottle your left hand you can unscrew, suck up and drop a couple of drops of oil onto the palm of the left hand using your right, but that entailed a good few near misses.  

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The Sanctuary oil is a blend of Essential oils of Frankincense, Jojoba oil, Rose, Rosehip seed oil, Sunflower oils and wheat germ oil – the fragrance, which is very delicate but rather lovely, clearly comes from the Rose and Frankincense.
Whilst I have had the Sanctuary oil I have also tried a small sample of the Mir pure Argan oil which was part of a Mir Sample set that I purchased to try, the full size bottle of this comes with a pump  - much less dangerous!
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The two oils feel quite different. The Sanctuary oil is much denser and as such feels a little as if it sits on the skin more, the Argan oil is a lighter oil and did seem to soak in very much more quickly.  The Sanctuary oil is more fragranced than the Mir pure Argan and if you are a very sensitive soul this might warrant bearing in mind.  My skin has relished both.  I use a couple of drops of whichever is closest to hand morning and evening, after cleansing and before moisturizer – it is an option to add a couple of drops of oil to your moisturizer but my skin seemed happiest when I applied the oil direct.  My skin feels nourished and plumped up and once it got over a major hormone induced blip recently has had a much more even tone and less visible redness. 

I am rather partial to a good exfoliate before bed and again the oil has been lovely smoothed into my buffed face, on the nights I have exfoliated I have been a bit more liberal with the oil and applied it more as a mask rather than a base for a night cream – the Sanctuary oil may be better for overnight as it is more heavy weight.  It is lovely for a pre-sleep facial massage too as it gives nice slip and the fragrance is soothing. The pure Argan is my preference in the morning under my moisturiser as my skin just mops this up.

Will I buy again?  Absolutely. I have to say I love the convenience of being able to nip into Boots to pick up the Sanctuary oil so it will probably win out but I think the Mir is actually better for your skin, not least because it is so easily absorbed.

The Sanctuary oil is £17.35 for 30ml and available in Boots.

The Mir pure Argan oil is £17.50 for 30ml and available here (although you will need to add p&p to that too!)


  1. I have been meaning to try a facial oil. But I havent known which one to try. Thanks for the reviews and thoughts.

  2. I tried a Nude oil recently, I loved the smell of it, I smelled incredible but was worried it would go all over my pillow so stayed up - eek! I have heard of the sanctuary oil - I may have to give it a try - just a quick question - was there any oily deposit on your pillow ?

  3. I tried the sanctuary one as I got a sample, my skins not really dry but even so after exfoliating it really enjoyed the drink.

    Ms Red


  4. Hi Simone - glad you thought so!

    Old Cow - if you are happy to buy online I would say the Mir is a better quality oil.

    Bettina - None! I scrape my hair back out of the way and put the oil on and then sit and read for a while before laying down, which gives the oil time to soak in, but even when I have applied generous amounts I cant say I have noticed oil on the pillow, although I haven't been looking out for it!

    Ms Red - thanks for your comment - it usesful to know that oil works well even if you don't have dry skin!


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