Monday, 9 May 2011

M&S Autograph Nail Varnishes

I first saw these nail varnishes on A Vain Woman and instantly fell in love with the colours.  Then my mum came to visit and raved about her bright red M&S nail varnish and how fab it was and I decided that I really needed to investigate.
Having had a good look at the stand in M&S I decided that I really did need the yellow, soft orange and duck egg blue that Cecilia had posted.
As soon as I got home I had a play and was instantly really impressed; even the lemon yellow wasn't too streaky and was nice and opaque.

Aren't they lovely?  I really love the soft orange, Em has worn the yellow to great effect with her black maxi and whilst I think the blue is very pretty its a bit "frosty" to be an absolute fave. The brush, formula and wear on all 3 are brilliant although having done a pedi on Em with the soft orange that was deemed as looking like "nicotine toes" would suggest keeping that one for your finger nails!

I am having some real issues with Revlon nail varnish at the moment.  I bought Blue Lagoon which was streaky and wouldn't dry and then I bought Mad About Mango, the colour is lovely but again the formula and brush leave a lot to be desired.  To me it feels a bit like Revlon are jumping on the "trendy" bandwagon at the cost of the quality for which they were renowned, style over substance sums it up for me, a real shame.  And they ought to look to their laurels, when M&S are bringing out £3 polishes with better application and wear something is not right.  Strongly recommend a quick browse round the M&S nail polish stand next time you have 5 mins spare.


  1. I have 4 Marks & Spencer polishes and love them all! Also a big yes to them as they are BUAV Approved (cruelty free). I'm also having issue with Revlon polishes, Blue Lagoon was an absolute nightmare for me and I also bought Fuchsia Fever which was awful! Such a shame, especially considering the price. xx

  2. Yay they look lovely on you! I agree about Duck Egg, it looks wonderful in the bottle but it's a bit too frosty for me too.

  3. I'm really digging yellow nails and all I've seen are brights lately but this is a nice creamy shade that looks a bit dare I say it 'grown up'.

    How many coats did the yellow need to be opaque and how long do these take to dry? I've been using Barry M lately and I'm getting used to not having to wait. x


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