Tuesday, 10 May 2011

EOTD - GOSH Green & Revlon Blue

When I bought the GOSH green eye shadow I had always intended it to go with the Revlon matt blue.  This morning seemed as good a time as any to give it a whirl!

Really pleased with how this one turned out, it was exactly what I had in mind - always nice when that happens!

Gad knows why I appear to have a jaunty eye in this pic!

Have to say I do think the Revlon orange lip gloss I quite fancied would have been good with this, although when I mentioned it to Em this morning she rolled her eyes and said "you aren't starting that whole orange thing again are you?" so maybe not!


  1. Beautiful!!! I love that colour combo on you. Mr Soh will be worried about his job...(LOL joking Kenneth!) Btw, your skin is amazing and radiant. I must know the secret... x

  2. Thank you chica, you are too kind! The secret to my incredibly lush skin (lol) is gin. Bombay Sapphire. I pretty much bathed in the stuff on Sunday evening! Either that or its the good big dollop of Superdrug Swiss Apple night serum I used last night, which I have yet to post about but am loving! Strongly suspect it may actually be the latter, but the former was a heap of fun! xx

  3. See don't I keep telling you that blue and green are THE colours ;p
    Looks really lovely on you. x

  4. I am believe me I am Leanne!! Debbie you do your eyemakeup so well I am really impressed. Sorry if that sounds patronising but you really are amazing at doing your eyes and you've got great sense of colour as well! I love! xx

  5. Helen, you do, you do! And you are so right!
    Kenneth and Simone - guys! thank you! Not at all patronising, I look at how other people do their eyes and am blown away by the skill and wish I could do half as well - Get Gawjus (http://www.getgawjus.com/2011/04/mediterranean-cut-crease.html), Radiant Make Up (http://radiantmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/04/green-goddess-eotd.html)and Pretty Diamond Solitaire (http://prettydiamondsolitaire.blogspot.com/2011/02/eotd-moody-blues.html) always make me envy their incredible eyes and fantastic skills!

  6. Awesome, just commented on the blogs of Get Gawjus, Radiant Make Up and Pretty Diamond Solitaire and spelt "whose" as "who's" so they will now think that they have an illiterate stalker, d'oh!

  7. Haha, Seen your comment on my blog and didn't even notice the spelling error!
    Thanks for the mention and your lovely comment on my blog :o)
    Your eyes look great here -the green is gorgeous. I haven't visited a GOSH stand for ages and everyone is raving about them at the moment so I must chcek them out. xx


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