Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturiser

I had long given up on tinted moisturiser, on paper it should be perfect for my skin which is incredibly dry and really can use all the moisture it gets.  Sadly as well as being dry my skin is red and blotchy and needs way more coverage than a TM can offer.

That said the minute I saw the adverts for Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisture is appealed.  I actually think its that big splash of aqua right in the middle of the ad that just makes me think of the comfort of hydrated skin!
Pic blatantly nicked from www.boots.co.uk

I was in a grump on Saturday eve and nipped to Asda for a hair dye and a magazine, would have added chocolate but have  you seen my backside?!  Grabbed a copy of Glamour and had a flick, and there was a sachet of Moisture Surge TM glued between its pages, the perfect opportunity to try it!

I am loving it!  The shade I got is 03 which is possibly a tad dark for my skin but because its sheer its not overly dark, if that makes sense (actually having looked on line am surprised that it appears that shade 01 and 02 are very pale and there is massive leap to shade 03, will have to check this out for real on Weds).  I have huge pores on my chin which have a habit of trapping any powder that might be in my foundation, which looks ghastly.  Because this is so sheer this powder filled pore thing isn't happening.  And oddly in spite of being sheer enough to look really fresh I am getting sufficient coverage on my redness to be totally happy with it, even in broad daylight with a mirror pressed right up to my nose.  Em said I looked "not oily, not sure what the right word is?" I filled the gap with "glowing" and she agreed!  The wear on this is good, have added a bit more at lunch time just to keep things fresh.  The best thing about it has been how comfortable my skin has been, you may have noticed a dearth of lunch time tweets where I am threatening to run my face over with an orbital sander, which was how I was feeling last week!  I am off to the Trafford Centre on Wednesday so will try and make OH wait whilst I pick up a 5 day sample to really put it through its paces but so far so good.  Second thing in as many months that I am loving from Clinique!
This one is nicked from the John Lewis website!
 This is £21 for 30ml so if I am happy after 5 days think I might purchase for the Summer, saving my lovely Chanel for nights out!

PS I am wearing this tinted moisturiser in the hair colour post here, if you want to see how it looks on the skin!


  1. Ooooh I am also really taken by the advert! I need something like this for summer and it gets stupid hot here and I can't be dealing with full on foundation. Great review Debs xxx

  2. This looks like a great tinted moisturiser.
    I really need one for the summer and have noticed Moisture Surge ads here and there. I'm very intrigued.
    The only thing I fear is: my skin is quite oily so not sure whether a tinted moisturiser would look good. I have never even used one. But I so want to try it as my skin's been clear and nice and all my foundations seem too thick.
    I will definitely try and get a sample of Moisture Surge.


  3. Hi Simone, this would be lovely in the heat - am thinking will be ideal for my holiday with Em!

    Miss A - I would recommend nipping along to the Clinique counter and getting a sample so you can try it, if your skin is clear its a shame to cover it up with foundation if a TM would show it off better! thanks for commenting!

  4. Now I have this - I am in 2 minds because I have the 01 shade, and as with most of the Clinique bases that I have tried it is universal peach, which becomes peachier (in a bad way) as the day goes on. Maybe I need a new face but frankly I am a bit disappointed in this and SPF15 is a bit lame I think nowadays. It does have a nice texture, and does feel moisturising but that is about it. However it is early days and I may well change my mind. Thanks for the review. Jan x

  5. I was looking at this in Debenhams this week - love that it has a bit more coverage than most tinted moisturisers and is also a little bit cheaper! Looks gorgeous in your hair pics.
    Great review thanks xx

  6. Hi Jan I am really surprised that the shade 03 is working on me, am pretty certain the lighter shades would not be as effective, although if I was buying without seeing I am certain I would have gone for either 01 or 02. Shame about the increase in peachyness - this one stays true as far as I can tell. Thanks for the comment. x

    Hi Strawberry Blonde - thank you for your nice comment! I have to say that the overiding thing with this for me is just how comfortable my skin is with it, it has a really nice texture and feel on the skin.

  7. I love the way you write.

    I am with you with TMs I prefer them in the summer. I have not tried this one though. Probably should.

  8. Hi Old Cow - feel awful typing that, sounds like I am being mean! Thank you for the nice comment! I would certainly recommend getting a sample of this to try - if the Clinique counter near you wont help there is always the little sachet in the June Glamour mag for a quid!


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