Monday, 23 May 2011

How old is too old?

I emailed a hugely popular and well loved blogger the other day to check everything was ok with her as she hadn't posted in a long while and she sent me back a lovely mail explaining all was fine but that as she had turned 45 on the 14th of May she just felt she was too old to be blogging, although her love of all things beauty remained, and that no one would be interested in what she had to say.

To be honest this gave me more than a moments pause, as coincidentally I turned 45 on the 14th of May too!  Am I too old to blog?  Does anyone want to read what I have to say?  And if they don't do I care?  Well on the basis that to date I still only have 59 followers the second question has pretty much answered itself! And the fact that I commented on it answers the 3rd!

So what of the first - Am I too old to blog?  God, I hope not!  I work on the basis that any product that is impressing a 45 yr old with a lived in face is working way way harder than one that is impressing a glossy, glowing 19 yr old in the peachy bloom of youth.  A lot of the blogs that I read are written by women who are considerably younger than me, several could be my daughters. Ok had to take a moment then, I needed a lie down after typing that! But it's true! Even so I love their reviews and am interested in their opinions, I just don't imagine for one minute that the foundation that made them flawless and cost £10 is going to have the same effect on me!  I have come across a few bloggers who are of my generation and if they are having a rave or a rant I really sit up and take note.

I can't imagine that the time will come when I wont look in the mirror, sigh deeply, tip my head back and pull down my jaw to see how things used to look when they were tight, sigh again, more deeply, and reach for my make up bag.  Will I ever be so old that I wont care what I look like?  As it has been my primary concern since about the age of 14 I think it's unlikely - and yes I am aware how shallow that last made me sound.  In fact as the years progress I suspect that my reliance on make up and skin care will increase.

So throwing this open to the floor - when are you too old to blog about beauty?  Or is there not an "age" exactly but are the reviews of a 45 yr old not really that interesting to someone in her 20's?  Are you in your 40's and not blogging but reading beauty blogs? If you are in your 40's, blogging and I'm not following for gawdsake give me a nudge!  Whoever  you are, whatever  your age if you have an opinion on this please share, I'd love to know what people think!


  1. Aw honey I can't remember if you were around when a few of us were discussing this just a couple of days ago - and saying we'd had similar thoughts.

    I think women in their 30s, 40s and beyond care a LOT about finding the right beauty products and skincare to help them look their best and believe it's a really important part of our role as beauty bloggers to help them do just that!

    Just look at the £££ beauty companies spend researching and producing anti ageing products? That should answer your question!

    I do understand how you feel and the thought has crossed my mind too, but it won't stop me blogging - please don't let it stop you either!


  2. I am now wondering if I am too old - thankfully it never occured to me and I don't intend to stop!

  3. God no you are definately NOT to old to blog, neither is the other person in your story.

    So perhaps you cant aim at the stuff designed for kids, (neon anyone) but there is so much more to be covered, beauty doesnt stop when you hit 40... anyway 40 is the new 20.

    Im not 20 and Im not 40 Im happily in the middle atm, but Im not stopping my blog because of a number.

    Ms Red

    Now following!!

  4. Hi Ladies! I am really glad that the consensus so far suggests that 45 isn't too old to blog cos I think I'd feel like I had cut off an arm if I had to stop!

    @strawberry blond - stupidly enough had not even thought of what is spent on anti-ageing! good point, I will be the Jane Fonda of blogging, if only I looked that good!

    @charlie - You are much younger than me so if I'm not too old you certainly aren't!

    @Ms Red - following you back blog & twitter, thanks for the follow! Will avoid neon, thanks for the hint!!

  5. I don't think that's too old! In fact I love the fact that we're all such different ages. When you think about it/ Why would they take advice or read my blog when I am a 35 yo man?! So don't think that Debbie, I love it that blogs are all varied and tells the story of how each individual gets on withw hatever they're blogging about! Carry on, I always look forward to reading yours. And yes, I agree on the disturbing fact that many bloggers could be our kids! Sob! xxx

  6. What an interesting post. I think that at over 50 (OMG can't believe you all know that now) I have a right to be right there in the middle of the blogging community, I have a lot to say, I have experience and I have an opinion. I think there is a place for all ages in the blogging community and although sometimes I think 'what am I doing here' I just think of the people who follow my blog, they must think I have something valid to say or why are they following. I love beauty, I love people and I love my blog. I may be the oldest blogger on the block but I have earned my right to be there and as long as people are reading I will carry on blogging. Jude xx @jadlgw

  7. Dear Mr S - what a valid point, although its just possible that your industry credentials and insanely huge talent may just help us over look your gender, after all its not your fault you are a bloke! xx

    @Jude - Yay hello and welcome, am following you back and in fact commented on your threading post before I realised you had done likewise here, nice to make new friends. Here's something - based on your name I had assumed you were younger than me, so something you might not realise having a cool name helps you to be ageless (not that age is an issue we all seem to agree, but you catch my drift. I hope!)

  8. Personally, I don't think you are EVER too old to blog. A fellow blogger recently asked me to ask my mum if she'd do a series of posts aimed at beauty for older women, and my mum is 63. Older women need advice and guidance just as much as us younguns, and I think that they're more likely to want to read it from someone who they can relate than to read us preaching about it, when we clearly won't understand in the same way :)

    Plus, everyone has different experiences and the older you get, the more diverse stuff you have to share. I think we need more "older" bloggers to bridge the gap, that means some older ladies believe that they shouldn't be wearing make up at all, and that's not true!

  9. Hi Debbie, how bizzare that we were both commenting on each others blogs at the same time, must be fate. Young name is down to the fact my parents were only 16 years old when they had me so they wanted something different, most people that haven't met me assume I am younger and that is a lovely compliment, I hope that by the time I meet them then the age thing isn't an issue. Very scary that we could be the parents of more that half the blogging community he he xx

  10. @katM thanks for taking the time to comment, good point and I know Ruth Crilly (A Model recommends - like anyone didn't know!) has her mum do posts and she's probably not 22 either so clearly there is a niche for us over 40's. Am incredibly glad!

    @Jude - fate indeed! I love the story around your name! Hilarious that we could be parents of some of this lot isn't it!

  11. It has to be confessed that I have never put my age on my blog. If it's not there I don't have to look at it and can be whatever age I like ;p

    Initially there was also an element of fearing people would think I'm mad putting green on my lips at my age, but let's face it, I am - It took me till 40 to enjoy that fact.

    The blog is a good place to embrace the madness and follow my alter ego!

  12. Never too old to blog IMO, what's in a number anyways? It's what you have to say that interests me, and your nothing if not interesting Debs! XXXXX

  13. Some of my favourite bloggers are the same age or older than me.

    Keep writing :-)

  14. I would love to hear what beauty lovers in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond are doing, saying, wearing. When I was in my 20s, I was held hostage by the fashion magazines (no internet!). I really believed those faces were real, and I often felt bad about myself because I could not make my pores or eyelashes look like that. If I could turn back the clock, I know now that I would have jumped at the chance to hear a collective older voice letting me know what REAL looks like and what life would be like when my skin started to change. I would have done some things differently if I'd had the benefit of all that experience and wisdom, so that's where we women of a certain age add value. Plus, when I read reviews and see swatches, I'd rather see them on skin like mine so I know how the products will perform on me. I even started a forum so 40+ women all over the world could chat about makeup, skincare, nails, hair, etc. Never too old. If I thought I was too old to give up caring about beauty, I may as well just wither up and die.

    I hope your friend reads your post and these comments and resumes writing in her blog. Because I don't know about anyone else, but I still feel 20 on the inside!

  15. I don't think you're ever to old to talk about something you love, if anything I often prefer to read some reviews by a more mature woman as they probably have more experience!
    Great post, it was on something I hadn't really thought about before!! x

  16. I've been in the beauty biz (one way or another) for as long as I can remember. I'm new to beauty blogging & until reading this article never considered I'm "too old to blog." I'm a young 47 & suspect I'll say that when I'm 57,etc. Beauty is ageless- a 19 year old is as beautiful & has a point of view worth listening to as a 40+ year old. Blogging is also ageless as it's become a communication channel - are we too old to have an opinion? Nope! As bloggers we all have the chance to showcase our definition of beauty by being the best example of beauty. If age is either a # or an attitude, I choose attitude every time ;-) xoLiz

  17. No, I honestly don't think you become too old to blog about beauty at all! I know loads of beauty bloggers of a similar age to you and I think there's a bigger audience than you maybe expect.

    I guess I'm somewhere in between, no longer in my 20's but not 40 yet. I don't expect my enjoyment of reading and using cosmetics will wane any time soon! I think beauty chatter appeal to women across the board. As you say, a product rave that isn't from a fresh faced young thing definitely makes me pay attention.
    Jane x

  18. So far so good then! I am also hoping that my friend reads this post and returns to her blog as she is much missed.

    Thanks for all the comments and I am delighted this topic generated such interest as I was genuinely interested in peoples opinions. xx

  19. So glad you posted this as well! I know you've read my similarly related post today, but I just wanted to point out that older women also usually have more money to spend on beauty products and want a product to actually work, so are more likely to read more blogs do more research etc. I also think reading older bloggers can pass on tips/things to avoid to younger bloggers! I'll happily read blogs from all ages of women!x

  20. Oh, and another thing: I definitely prefer to read skincare reviews written by women over 35. I wish there were more of them! I don't derive much value reading about how a 20 year old is disappointed that the latest anti-aging cream did nothing for her "wrinkles." ;D Though they can't be blamed for trying, since ads uses very young models to sell product. I thank god I made it through my 20s before the Internet, so I didn't have to feel even more "less than!"

  21. @TheBristolBeautyBlog - sadly my disposable income isn't as sizeable as I'd like it to be - something to do with every penny I earn being sucked up by the money pit that is owning a guest house, OH's business. We laugh that when we got married 22 yrs ago we were working in catering, living in a dump and earning nada now 22 yrs on we do all of the above AND have 2 kids! On that basis though I expect a lot of bang for my buck, research long and hard before I spend and am like a woman posessed if let down!

  22. Most forms of social media are incorrectly associated with youth. The assumption is only younger people write blogs, use Twitter, Facebook etc. But these tools are for everyone to use just like makeup.

    I know for a fact that when I'm 100 I will still be using body and face scrubs. How I will be blogging about them may change as technology will have moved on and I can't wait.

    It's a real shame your friend feels she's too old to blog, it's a slippery slope when you start restricting your activities based on stereotype.

  23. Too old to blog? Why should there be an age when we can't continue caring about our hair and makeup. Is there a law to define when we resign ourselves to sackcloth and ashes?
    I'm a 40 something who loves reading beauty blogs. I truly appreciate the amount of time it takes to post and I look forward to new posts from my favourite bloggers. Shamefacedlly , I did try writing one myself, but struggled to find the time to synchronise taking pictures and writing blog posts so I gave up. Besides I'm like an addict with a new purchase and I found it REALLY difficult to stop myself from swatching before I took pics. Thanks to this post I've encountered a couple of new blogs to follow too. Keep up the good work - age is like your shoe size it's a number we can't do anything about (except toe surgery!!)

  24. Thanks again for posting this Debbie. I hope it's mad you feel more positive. It's been so interesting reading everyone's views & given me more confidence to be open about my age on my blog. I think in many ways we do have an advantage! Off to check I'm following the other posters' blogs! X

  25. Nope! You're not too old! I find it informative to read blogs by authors of all ages. I learn a lot from everyone! I'm 41 1/2 and I'm finding like ZuZu I prefer to read skincare reviews by those that have a few decades on their faces. As far as color goes I'll try everything once- I love to see the talent out there.

    You have a great outlook and a refreshing style! Thanks for this xx jeanie

  26. Anabella - good point well made, hadn't thought about it that way but you are right!

    Liz & Jeanie thanks ladies for taking the time to comment!

    Thanks every one for all your comments, I just want to say that I didn't think I was too old to blog, but was concerned that others might have disagreed, delighted to hear this is not the case!xx

  27. Ha well of course I am the aforementioned blogger. I don't think that 45 is too old to blog but I fear that I am too old to blog and there is a difference. To me, to do justice to beauty blogging means informative helpful posts with something to say, and of course that does not preclude an age group although 10 and under maybe pushing it a bit. My concern is that beauty no longer holds its lure for me, it is a necessity and having to do something day in day out can lead to lax habits which is of no use to anyone. So no 45 is certainly not too old but I still fear that I am! BTW happy birthday twin! Jan x

  28. Sorry for the delay in commenting to your lovely post. I don't know when it's too old to blog about beauty but 45 is definitely not old at all. Maybe 65 is? Even then, there is more to beauty than just eyeshadows and lipsticks. As we grow older ourselves, we want to be able to identify with people the same age as us or older. Your blog is perfect for me. xx

  29. Hi Jan - yes it was you and I understand the point you are making, its a very personal decision but I think you do under estimate how much your blog is enjoyed. x

    Hi Liloo - thank you hun for your lovely comment x


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