Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ruby & Millie Bargains!

Wondering around Huddersfield feeling a tad dejected.  I literally had £15 left in my secret stash of cash which I keep for emergency make up purchases.  Even by my standards £15 is not a whole heap and everything I wanted was way more.  

Em and I wondered into Boots just on the off chance and look what I found!

Ruby & Millie bargains!! These were reduced to £1.81 each - an eye shadow compact in the gold case and a lip gloss one in the red.


Really nice neutral collection - the light brown in the top right section really caught my eye as the UD Naked palette doesn't have a pale brown/taupe with subtle shimmer, the 2 palest browns are in that palette are matte.
Swatched in shade, clockwise from the white

Same order, in the sun - clipped the white a tad!
The shadows are gorgeous! soft and buttery, well pigmented and with light shimmer and no fall out, I am made up with them.


The lipglosses are a nice range of colours too.

Swatched in shade, clockwise from the red

Swatched in sunlight, same order
 The glosses aren't as strongly pigmented as the shadows but I think for glosses the colour pay off is pretty good.  They have a really nice balm like texture, rather than gloopy sticky gloss with no taste or smell.  I was really pleased to pick these up for for under four quid even if the glosses aren't pristine - should have been more careful and nabbed one of the still sealed kits, didn't think about it in my haste to grab one!

In addition I got one of their eye liner brushes for 83p - I already have one which I use daily to tight line using shadow, its a straight brush and is fantastic for tight lining, pleased to have a spare just in case!  Resisted the £1 foundation brush as I already have one of those too!

I also got a GORGEOUS lipstick - but saving that for a later post!

Whats everyone been up to this weekend, anyone else nabbed a bargain?


  1. I erm, was forced into buying Chanel Bronze Universal even though I don't *need* it.. *cough
    I quite like Ruby & Millie products, its a shame they are pulling out of the market soon. Have you tried any of their brushes?

  2. I looked for Ruby and Millie reduced stuff at my Boots but there wasn't anything to be found! :(

  3. Hi Simone - Chanel purchases are, in my experience, never about need! Having used these eye shadows for the last couple of days (left my UD Naked at home and just took the quad when we went away! they are THAT good) and am loving them, fantastic quality and wear. I have the R&M foundation brush and now three of their i-liner brushes, thinking if I can snag another couple of quads could do a little giveaway.

    Annabella - its a mare when that happens isn't it, will keep my eyes peeled for you!


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