Friday, 1 October 2010

Because I need something to look forward to....

Think we are facing yet another weekend with no idea about anything; is the guest house sold, if so how much for, will it be enough to buy the house I desperately want, how much longer is this going to go on for, can my nerves stand it, is it wise to drink a bottle of wine a night to cope. Ok, I know the answer to that last one and I don't care!

In my new house there will be a bath. I have lived in the guest house for 9 years and there is only one bath here and its in one of the guest rooms. In addition running a guest house means you are on call pretty much all the time, coming home, pouring a huge glass of wine, diving into a hot bath and reappearing to sit on the sofa watching crap in your pj's with a face mask on is just not happening. My idea of utter bliss will be sitting in my lounge without having to worry about a guest appearing wanting an ironing board (it's 10pm, you got in at 4.30pm, your couldn't have ironed your freaking shirt 3 hours ago?) or directions to somewhere I have never been or just to talk all over the end of the film I was watching, in my pj's reeking of the most indulgent bathing product I can lay my hands on.

And I need your help. To give me something to look forward to I would love to hear what you would buy to pour into your perfect bath and then if all this crap ends and I get to move house I might treat myself to something that has been recommended! If it is a product you have tried tell me all about it, packaging and smell are key! If it is something that has been on your wish list but you haven't purchased because you just cant justify spending all that money when a dollop of radox would do please share!

In the meantime I am off to Boots to see if I can track down No 7 nail varnish in Blackberry - saw it in a chemist in Carlow in Ireland for 9 Euro odd - they have to pay 21% VAT there so I decided to hold off and buy it here, fingers crossed I can find it this pm!

ps thought this might give you a laugh - the bathroom at the house that I desperately want, as it looks now!
Photobucket Old lady chic at its best!


  1. Awww I feel so sad after reading that! Poor you. I really hope that you get sorted asap and that you're still in time for your dream house.

    Luxury bath goodies I love are;
    L'Occitane Shea Butter shower cream/bath soak
    Philosophy - anything by them!
    Elemis Milk Bath

    Treat yourself to something lovely soon x

  2. Thanks for the suggestions hun, although am increasingly convinced that the L'Occitane shea butter hand cream smells like a nappy!! Love the few Elemis things I have had so that could be worth considering, thanks.x

  3. And yesterday I had a semi-divine experience at Jo Malone, so you can add that to your luxe list too ;o) x

  4. ooh yes, had forgotten about Jo Malone used to used some of her cologne but decided it was pretty dear for something that didnt last - but the bath stuff would be fantastic and would make the whole house smell heavenly!


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