Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Yay! Models Own Grace's Green and Purple Grey are mine!!

Photographing a conference in Leeds today, which just happened to coincide with the launch in Boots of the must talked about Car Key collection and Purple Grey being available in store. I decided to forego lunch (that desperate for Grace's Green!) and hit Boots instead. Think the other shoppers pretended not to notice the 44 year old dancing with glee in front of the Models Own stand! Having had a good look I decided I like Becca's Brown and might purchase in the future, wasn't sure if the Pinky one would make my hands look like boiled beef, have needed Purple Grey since I first saw it and Grace's Green was a no brainer! Happy or what! No photos yet as after taking 200 odd today at the conference I am frankly photo'ed out. Oh and the free Models Own lip gloss - bleurch. Really just vile, you know if you get anti p on your hands and then accidentally stick your finger in your mouth all your spit dries out? Tell me you've done that? No? Oh ok, well its pretty vile and this lip gloss has the exact same affect if you lick your lips! Like I said bleurch! Right must go need to have a glass of wine asap!


  1. I confess I have gotten Anti perspirant on my hands before too, hehe. I definitely want to check out Purple grey!

  2. So glad I am not alone! Purple grey pics due shortly but having a graces green love in first!


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